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Off-The-Run Treasuries

Off-The-Run Treasuries What are 'Off-The-Run Treasuries' Off-the-run treasuries are all Treasury bonds and notes issued before the most recently issued bond or note of a particular maturit

Savings Bond Plan

Savings Bond Plan What is 'Savings Bond Plan' A program that allows employees to purchase U.S. savings bonds, such as the Series EE and Series I bonds, through payroll deductions. Money is

Cancel Former Order (CFO)

Cancel Former Order (CFO) What is 'Cancel Former Order - CFO' An order from an investor to a broker, to cancel a previously placed order that has not yet been filled. Cancel former order (

Cabinet Crowd

Cabinet Crowd What is 'Cabinet Crowd' Members of the NYSE who typically trade in inactive bonds. The cabinet crowd is made up of a relatively small group of traders and investors who deal

General Public Distribution

General Public Distribution What is 'General Public Distribution' A type of primary market offering in which the securities being issued are available to anyone who has the ability to purc

Tax Drag

Tax Drag What is 'Tax Drag' The reduction of potential income due to taxes. Drag describes the loss in returns owing to taxation, usually on an investment. Tax drag is commonly used when d

UCC-1 Statement

UCC-1 Statement What is 'UCC-1 Statement' One of the standard mortgage documents listed in the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC-1 Statement lists and describes any personal property that i

John T. Dillon

DefinitionJohn T. Dillon, is the retired chairman and chief executive officer of International Paper. John T. Dillon What is 'John T. Dillon' A former president, chairman and CEO of Intern

Jeffrey Sachs

DefinitionJeffrey David Sachs is an American economist and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he holds the title of University Professor, the highest rank Columbia

U.S. Treasury

DefinitionThe Department of the Treasury is an executive department and the treasury of the United States federal government. Established by an Act of Congress in 1789 to manage government r
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