Jeffrey Sachs


Jeffrey David Sachs is an American economist and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he holds the title of University Professor, the highest rank Columbia bestows on its faculty. He is known as one of the world’s leading experts on economic development and the fight against poverty.

Jeffrey Sachs

What is ‘Jeffrey Sachs’

An American economist who is director of the Earth Institute. He is also a professor of sustainable development and of health policy and management at Columbia University. His work centers on economic development, poverty, globalization and global warming.

Explaining ‘Jeffrey Sachs’

Sachs is well known even outside of academia for his New York Times bestsellers, The End of Poverty and Common Wealth. Born in 1954 in Detroit, he earned his BA, MA and PhD from Harvard, where he also taught before joining Columbia. He has served as an advisor to the governments of many developing countries and has received numerous awards and honors. Time magazine named Sachs one of the most influential leaders in the world.

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