FinanceReference.com began as 508 Finance (508fi.org) with the primary purpose of delivering quality economic and financial information to sight impaired individuals on the web. Our site puts accessibility above aesthetics, allowing users who depend on screen readers or other assistive technology to get access to essential financial information.

How Our Site Works

Our content comes from a number of resources on the web, although the majority is either written by our volunteers or sourced and edited for accessibility from Wikipedia. Slowly but surely we intend to replace all the wikipedia content with expert-written articles with accessibility in mind. That is where you come in. We need writers and editors to help us fulfill this vision.

Do We Accept Donations

We do not accept donations at this time and hope to not need funding in the future. Our vision is simple and straight-forward. As long as we can acquire enough volunteers, we will not need additional funding for the site.

How Can I Make My Site Accessible

We are excited to hear that you might be interested in improving the accessibility of your own site! There are many great resources on the web to help you get started, but here are the best in our opinion.

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