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Immediate Credit

Immediate Credit What is 'Immediate Credit' The Federal Reserve practice of "clearing" checks deposited by member banks on the same day they're deposited. This service is only available wh

Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organization (NRSRO)

Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organization (NRSRO) What is 'Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organization - NRSRO' The formal term to describe credit rating agencies t

Ratings Service

Ratings Service What is 'Ratings Service' A company, such as Moody's or Standard & Poor's, that rates various debt and preferred stock issues for safety of payment of principal, intere

Bagel Land

Bagel Land What is 'Bagel Land' A slang term that represents a stock or other security that is approaching $0 in price. Arriving in bagel land is usually the result of one or more major bu

Partially Convertible Debenture (PCD)

Partially Convertible Debenture (PCD) What is 'Partially Convertible Debenture - PCD' A type of convertible debenture, part of which will be redeemed by the issuing company after a specifi


DefinitionVantageScore is a consumer credit-scoring model, created through a joint venture of the three major credit bureaus. The model is managed and maintained by an independent company, V

Vandalism Endorsement

Vandalism Endorsement What is 'Vandalism Endorsement' An optional type of coverage that can be added to a basic hazard or property and casualty insurance policy to provide remuneration to

Fairway Bond

Fairway Bond What is 'Fairway Bond' A type of bond that accrues interest if the embedded index or interest-rate option underlying the bond remains within a specified range. The fairway in

Federal Farm Credit System (FFCS)

Federal Farm Credit System (FFCS) What is 'Federal Farm Credit System - FFCS' In the United States, a network of federally chartered financial institutions designed to provide credit-relat

Farm Credit System (FCS)

Farm Credit System (FCS) What is 'Farm Credit System - FCS' The Farm Credit System is a nationwide network of cooperative banks and associations that provide credit to farmers, agricultura
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