Vandalism Endorsement

What is ‘Vandalism Endorsement’

An optional type of coverage that can be added to a basic hazard or property and casualty insurance policy to provide remuneration to the policy holder if his or her property is intentionally damaged by criminals. Vandalism endorsement is designed to protect the property owner and/or tenant against perils such as graffiti and damage caused by forced entry. Buildings that are unoccupied for long periods of time, such as vacant commercial properties and schools, are more susceptible to vandalism and more likely to need this coverage.

Explaining ‘Vandalism Endorsement’

Some types of insurance coverages are expensive for both the policyholder and the insurance company, and because policyholders have different coverage needs it is common for a basic policy to be supplemented by various endorsements (also called riders) that provide the specific coverage the policyholder needs. Each endorsement requires the policyholder to pay an additional premium. Other examples of property coverage that are unlikely to be included in a basic policy but can be purchased as endorsements include glass insurance and sprinkler damage insurance.

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