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Mandatory Mortgage Lock

Home Ownership by Country Mandatory Mortgage Lock What is 'Mandatory Mortgage Lock' The sale of a mortgage in the secondary mortgage market with terms that require the seller of the mortga

Bear Market

Bear Market A bear market refers to a market in which the prices of securities take a dip resulting in significant losses. It is quite difficult to recover from according to investors, and a

Bait Record

Bait Record What is 'Bait Record' An internal control used in accounting to detect fraud and improper usage. Bait records are planted in computerized files so that if the files are imprope

Pale Recession

Pale Recession What is 'Pale Recession' A phrase used in May 2008 by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan to describe an economic environment in which recession has not yet

Paradox Of Thrift

DefinitionThe paradox of thrift is a paradox of economics. The paradox states that an increase in autonomous saving leads to a decrease in aggregate demand and thus a decrease in gross outpu

Questioned Document Investigation

Questioned Document Investigation What is 'Questioned Document Investigation' An in-depth look into a document which is being questioned in the case of fraud, forgery, etc. The investigati

Value Deflation

Value Deflation What is 'Value Deflation' When companies cut their costs without increasing prices for consumers. Value deflation occurs when retailers and service providers give out small

Falling Knife

Falling Knife What is a 'Falling Knife' A falling knife is a slang phrase for a security or industry in which the current price or value has dropped significantly in a short period of time


Fakeout What is 'Fakeout' A term used in technical analysis to refer to a situation in which a trader enters into a position in anticipation of a future transaction signal or price movemen

Falling Three Methods

Falling Three Methods What is 'Falling Three Methods' A bearish candlestick pattern that is used to predict the continuation of the current downtrend. This pattern is formed when the candl
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