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Oil Pollution Act Of 1990

DefinitionThe Oil Pollution Act of 1990 was passed by the 101st United States Congress and signed by President George H. W. Bush. It works to avoid oil spills from vessels and facilities by

Malpractice Insurance

DefinitionProfessional liability insurance, also called professional indemnity insurance but more commonly known as errors & omissions in the US, is a form of liability insurance which helps

Quasi Contract

DefinitionA quasi-contract is a fictional contract recognised by a court. The notion of a quasi-contract can be traced to Roman law and is still a concept used in some modern legal systems.

Water Exclusion Clause

Water Exclusion Clause What is 'Water Exclusion Clause ' A restriction in a homeowner's or renter's insurance policy that denies coverage for certain water-related claims. Types of water

Water Damage Insurance

Water Damage Insurance What is 'Water Damage Insurance ' A type of protection provided in most homeowners insurance policies against sudden and accidental water damage. Water damage insur

Water Damage Clause

Water Damage Clause What is 'Water Damage Clause' A clause in a property-casualty insurance contract. A water damage clause states that the insured is covered for water damage that occurs

Water Pollution Liability

Water Pollution Liability What is 'Water Pollution Liability' Financial and legal responsibility for causing contamination to oceans, rivers, lakes or streams. Entities that cause water po

Wear And Tear Exclusion

Wear And Tear Exclusion What is 'Wear And Tear Exclusion ' A provision of an insurance contract that states that the normal, expected deterioration of the insured object will not be cover

War Damage Insurance Corporation

War Damage Insurance Corporation What is 'War Damage Insurance Corporation' A government financial protection arm created during World War II to provide coverage for war risks that were no

Wanton Disregard

Wanton Disregard What is 'Wanton Disregard ' A standard of severe negligence. Wanton disregard is a very serious accusation that indicates that a person behaved extremely recklessly. Want
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