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Hard Dollars

Hard Dollars What is 'Hard Dollars' Cash fees or payments made by an investor or customer to a brokerage firm in return for their services. Hard dollars differ from soft dollar payments be

Back Up

Back Up What is 'Back Up' A back up is a slang term for the movement in spread, price or yield of a security, which makes it more expensive to issue. A back up is characterized by an incre


Paraplanning What is 'Paraplanning' A relatively new position within the financial planning industry that involves the performance of the administrative duties of a financial planner. This

Qualified Disclaimer

Qualified Disclaimer What is 'Qualified Disclaimer' A refusal to accept property that meets with provisions set forth in the Internal Revenue Code Tax Reform Act of 1976 allowing for the p

Four Percent Rule

Four Percent Rule The four percent rule, in the simplest of terms, and helps in determining the amount of funds that a retired person should withdraw from their retirement account every year

Fairness Opinion

DefinitionA fairness opinion is a professional evaluation by an investment bank or other third party as to whether the terms of a merger, acquisition, buyback, spin-off, or privatization are

Fair Weather Fund

Fair Weather Fund What is 'Fair Weather Fund' A type of mutual fund that has a tendency to perform well during a bull market. In other words, it is a mutual fund that generally outperforms

Federal Advisory Council

DefinitionThe Federal advisory council or is a body composed of representatives chosen by each of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks that "consults with and advises the Board on all matters wi

Tax Advisor

DefinitionA tax advisor or tax consultant is a person with advanced training and knowledge of tax law. The services of a tax advisor are usually retained in order to minimize taxation while


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