Bullish Harami Candlestick Pattern

Bullish Harami

Bullish Harami Candlestick Pattern

If you are looking for signals of a bearish reversal, then the Bullish Harami may be the right signal for you. This pattern is formed by a long, black candle that opens higher on the second day. The first two candles of this pattern form a Tree Inside Up. As a result, investors are starting to sell short positions and open new ones. Typically, there are two Bullish haramis in a row.


A bullish harami pattern is a reversal pattern where price moves from one direction to another. After a bearish candle, the market tries to reverse downwards, but buyers prevent the market from reversing lower. Once the market closes above the upper shadow of the mother candlestick, a bullish harami pattern will be formed. If price moves above the shadow, the bullish trade will be initiated. However, if price reverts back to its original trend, it is a bearish harami pattern.

The harami pattern is an excellent technical analysis tool to use to identify a trend reversal. It can show attractive entry levels and a favorable risk to reward ratio, but it should never be used as a sole investment strategy. You must be able to spot it in time to take advantage of the strong risk-reward ratios it offers. You must be familiar with the harami pattern and its technical analysis to identify it properly.

Bullish Harami Shape

The bullish harami shape is one of the most popular technical analysis patterns. It is one of the simplest and easiest patterns to trade with. This shape can be used to determine a trade’s direction with a low risk/reward ratio. It’s shape is a pattern that appears on a candlestick chart. However, it is important to remember that a bullish harami is not always a buy signal. If you’re looking for an immediate buy signal, it’s worth looking into this technical analysis pattern.

The name “Harami” means pregnant woman in Japanese. When a price shows a bullish harami, the first two candlesticks will be long, with a downward trend. The next candlestick should be a green doji candle, which means that the price is moving upwards, but isn’t making a complete U-shape yet. This pattern is a good sign that the bulls are in control of the market.


A bullish harami is a pattern that often appears on price charts. It is a reversal pattern in which the bulls capitalize on momentum and drive prices higher. Unlike a bearish harami, which is a bearish reversal pattern, a bullish harami signals the opposite – a buy signal. Therefore, it is essential to use the harami pattern carefully.

The first candle of a harami pattern is larger than the second candle. This suggests that the trend is weak and is more likely to reverse. The second candle is smaller and merely serves as a clue that buyers are outshining sellers. A third candle is needed to confirm a bullish harami pattern. Here are a few tips for interpreting this pattern:

Places to enter

When trading with a bullish harami candlestick pattern, it is important to have a good confirmation before you enter the trade. A bullish harami candlestick pattern will usually consist of two candles, with the smaller candle being engulfed by the larger one. The reversal power of this pattern is proven by a third candle closing above the second candle. Nevertheless, the pattern does not guarantee a reversal. For this reason, you should always wait for confirmation before entering a trade.

A bullish harami candlestick pattern forms at the end of a bearish trend. It begins with a long bearish candle and then engulfs the body of the following bullish candle. Once this pattern is confirmed, traders can expect bullish activity in the market. This is why traders often approach a bullish harami setup with a long position. There are also several ways to enter a bullish harami.


The Bullish harami pattern is a common reversal pattern that can be used to make profitable trading decisions. It usually reverts when it reaches its perfect formation. Since it is quite accurate, it is a good tool to use in conjunction with other technical indicators. These other indicators can help confirm the formation of a harami pattern and provide entry, stop loss, and take profit levels.

A bearish harami is the kickoff of a new bear trend. It only appears at the end of an uptrend. The bearish harami begins with a big green candle, which is a blowoff to a mature trend. Once price gaps down on the second day, the high of the second candle holds below the high of the first candle. Then, the second candle’s body engulfs the first one, which means that the market has lost strength.

Bullish Harami Profit targets

Profit targets for bullish harami can be set above or below the new low, depending on which level of support or resistance is breached in the previous day’s candlestick. If it appears at the start of an uptrend, traders should place their profit targets at recent levels of support or resistance. However, if it is appears below a new low, traders should enter the trade at the open of the candle.

It is a technical pattern with high volatility, so its profits should be modest. You can determine whether a bullish harami is a good time to buy or sell the market by using this indicator along with additional indicators. It has a relatively high frequency rank (25). This means that it should be abundant in historical price series.