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Real Asset

Real Asset What is a 'Real Asset' Real assets are physical assets that have value due to their substance and properties. Real assets include precious metals, commodities, real estate, agri

Pale Recession

Pale Recession What is 'Pale Recession' A phrase used in May 2008 by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan to describe an economic environment in which recession has not yet

Quantitative Trading

Quantitative Trading What is 'Quantitative Trading' Quantitative trading consists of trading strategies based on quantitative analysis, which rely on mathematical computations and number c

Weak Hands

Weak Hands What is 'Weak Hands' 1. The intention of futures contract holders not to receive delivery of the underlying. 2. Retail traders in the forex market who abide by the conventional

Weak Form Efficiency

Weak Form Efficiency What is 'Weak Form Efficiency' Weak form efficiency is one of the three different degrees of efficient market hypothesis (EMH); it claims that past price movements and

Weak Longs

Weak Longs What is 'Weak Longs' Refers to the group of investors that holds a long position and is quick to exit that position at the first sign of weakness. This group of investors is gen

Weak Dollar

Weak Dollar What is 'Weak Dollar' A situation where the U.S. dollar's value is decreasing relative to one or a basket of foreign currencies. Essentially, a weak dollar means that a U.S. do

Weak Shorts

Weak Shorts What is 'Weak Shorts' Traders or investors who hold a short position in a stock or other financial asset who will close it out at the first indication of price strength. Weak s

Deal Flow

DefinitionDeal flow is a term used by finance professionals such as venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity investors and investment bankers to refer to the rate at which they r


Undervalued What does 'Undervalued' mean Undervalued is a financial term referring to a security or other type of investment that is selling for a price presumed to be below the investment
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