Ways a Lawyer Helps You After An Automobile Accident

Insurance Agent examine Damaged Car and customer filing signature on Report Claim Form process after accident, Traffic Accident and insurance concept.

Automobile accidents are stressful events and when you’ve been in one it can be difficult to know what steps to take next. One of your first questions will likely be when do I need a lawyer for a car accident? Not every automobile accident requires legal representation and many can be handled just by talking to your insurance company. Hitting a light pole or accidentally hitting your garage doors is more a matter of dealing with the repairs. However, not every automobile accident is so simple. Accidents can be quite complex and involve a lot of expenses and various involved parties. There are many situations where getting a lawyer is absolutely needed.

Four Ways A Lawyer Helps You

  1. Gives You An Outside Perspective: it’s hard to be an unbiased judge of a situation you are directly involved in. Automobile accidents are often traumatic experiences and, in such a situation remaining free of bias and entirely factual is a lot to ask of anyone. Your lawyer offers a calm, educated, and bias-free perspective on the details of your case and any potential settlements. Having sound advice from an outside party helps make important choices far easier.
  2. Deals With Insurance Companies: depending on the nature of the accident, there may be several insurance companies involved in an accident, including your own. Any insurance-related questions or information requests should be dealt with by your lawyer. This includes your own insurance provider, as insurance companies are often quick to settle and for fewer amounts than you are owed. Your lawyer not only deals with the insurance process but also helps you get what you are rightly owed.
  3. Allows You To Focus On Your Own Recovery: if you have been injured in an automobile accident you have important matters to deal with. These can include your own recovery, dealing with your employment, long-term care, stress, and in some cases psychological recovery. While recovering, you want to be able to focus on that and your family and not have to deal with phone calls from insurance companies and other involved parties. Your lawyer deals with the paperwork side of your accident, allowing you the time and peace needed to focus on getting better.
  4. Represents You In Court: most automobile accidents lead to settlements. However, some do end up in the court system and in cases where there is a lot of money on the line insurance providers can be both hesitant to settle and offer lower amounts than you should receive to simply close the claim. If you do end up in court having a lawyer that has been representing you the entire time and is familiar with the nature of your case, it is highly advantageous. Your lawyer will collect key information such as police reporters, witness statements, expert witnesses, accident recreations, and more to support you during the legal proceedings. The facts will be presented clearly and accurately, and you will have a chance to have your voice heard.

Final Thoughts

Automobile accidents are wildly unpredictable and a matter of a few seconds can change a sudden stop into an accident. Such events are not something you can prepare for outside of being as cautious as you possibly can be. However, even the most careful drivers can end up in an accident through no fault of their own. When your accident has become too complex or a burden, legal representation can help you through the process and make sure you are fairly represented.