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Yield To Average Life

Yield To Average Life What is 'Yield To Average Life' The yield on a fixed-income security when the average maturity is substituted for the maturity date of the issue. It is particularly u

Harmonic Average

DefinitionIn mathematics, the harmonic mean is one of several kinds of average, and in particular one of the Pythagorean means. Typically, it is appropriate for situations when the average o

Narrow-Based Weighted Average

Narrow-Based Weighted Average What is 'Narrow-Based Weighted Average' An anti-dilution provision used to ensure that investors are not penalized when companies are undergoing additional fi

Abnormal Spoilage

Abnormal Spoilage What is 'Abnormal Spoilage' The waste or wrecking of inventory beyond what is expected in normal business processes. Abnormal spoilage can be the result of broken machine

Salomon Brothers World Equity Index (SBWEI)

Salomon Brothers World Equity Index (SBWEI) What is 'Salomon Brothers World Equity Index - SBWEI' An index that measures the performance of fixed-income and equity securities from domestic

Simple Moving Average

Simple Moving Average Simple Moving Average (SMA) is a technical analysis tool that denotes average price of an asset during a specific time period. The figure is calculated by aggregating t

Value Line Index

Value Line Index What is 'Value Line Index' A stock index containing approximately 1,675 companies from the NYSE, American Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and over-the-counter market. The Value Lin


Duration Let us take bonds as our fixed-income investment to help you understand the concept of duration. When we talk about duration, we are talking about the length of time it will take fo

Exponential Moving Average

DefinitionIn statistics, a moving average is a calculation to analyze data points by creating series of averages of different subsets of the full data set. It is also called a moving mean or

Taiwan Stock Exhange Corporation (TSEC) Weighted Index

Taiwan Stock Exhange Corporation (TSEC) Weighted Index What is 'Taiwan Stock Exhange Corporation (TSEC) Weighted Index' A stock market index comprised of companies traded on the Taiwan Sto
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