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Key Currency

Key Currency What is 'Key Currency' The currency used as a reference in an international transaction or when setting an exchange rate. The key currency used is usually issued by a stable,

National Currency

National Currency What is 'National Currency' The currency or legal tender issued by a nation's central bank or monetary authority. The national currency of a nation is usually the predomi

Managed Currency

Managed Currency What is 'Managed Currency' Any currency that can have its exchange rate affected by the intervention of a central bank. This is opposed to a currency that is determined so

Saber Currency

Saber Currency What is 'Saber Currency' A proposed Brazilian currency that would be handed out by the Ministry of Education to 7-year-olds to be redeemed only for university tuition. Saber

Balance Of Payments (BOP)

Balance Of Payments (BOP) What is a 'Balance Of Payments (BOP)' A statement that summarizes an economy’s transactions with the rest of the world for a specified time period. The balance

Fiat Money

DefinitionFiat money is a currency without intrinsic value that has been established as money, often by government regulation. Fiat money does not have use value, and has value only because

Fed Speak

Fed Speak What is 'Fed Speak' A phrase used to describe former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan's tendency to make wordy statements with little substance. Many analysts felt t

Warehouse-To-Warehouse Clause

Warehouse-To-Warehouse Clause What is 'Warehouse-To-Warehouse Clause ' A clause in an insurance policy that provides for coverage of cargo in transit. A warehouse-to-warehouse clause usua

Wealth Added Index (WAI)

Wealth Added Index (WAI) What is 'Wealth Added Index - WAI' A metric designed by Stern Stewart & Co consulting firm that attempts to measure wealth created (or destroyed) for sharehold

Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) What is 'Genuine Progress Indicator - GPI' A metric used to measure the economic growth of a country. It is often considered as a replacement to the more w
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