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Impaired Asset

Impaired Asset What is an 'Impaired Asset' An impaired asset is a company's asset that has a market price less than the value listed on the company's balance sheet. Accounts that are likel

Identifiable Asset

Identifiable Asset What is an 'Identifiable Asset' An identifiable asset is an asset of an acquired company that can be assigned a fair value and can be reasonably expected to provide a be


Badwill What is 'Badwill' The negative effect felt by a company when shareholders and the investment community find out that is has done something that is not in accordance with good busin


Patent What is a 'Patent' A patent is a government license that gives the holder exclusive rights to a process, design or new invention for a designated period of time. Applications for pa

Tangible Common Equity – TCE

DefinitionTangible common equity is the subset of shareholders' equity that is not preferred equity and not intangible assets. Tangible Common Equity - TCE What is 'Tangible Common Equity -

Tangible Asset

DefinitionTangible property in law is, literally, anything which can be touched, and includes both real property and personal property, and stands in distinction to intangible property. Tang


Impairment What is 'Impairment' Impairment is an accounting principle that describes a permanent reduction in the value of a company's asset, normally a fixed asset. When testing for impai


Goodwill By definition, goodwill is a term used to reflect how the business’s performs in terms of its reputation, and connection with the customers. It is an intangible asset of the busin

Dangling Debit

Dangling Debit What is 'Dangling Debit' A debit entry with no offsetting credit entry. Dangling debit occurs when a company purchases goodwill or services to create a debit. When adding th


DefinitionAmortization is paying off an amount owed over time by making planned, incremental payments of principal and interest. To amortize a loan means "to kill it off". In accounting, amo
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