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Heads Of Agreement

Heads Of Agreement What is 'Heads Of Agreement' A non-binding document outlining the main issues relevant to a tentative partnership agreement. Heads of agreement represents the first step

Healthcare Power Of Attorney (HCPA)

Healthcare Power Of Attorney (HCPA) What is 'Healthcare Power Of Attorney - HCPA' A legal form that allows an individual to empower another with decisions regarding his or her healthcare a

Ocean Bill Of Lading

Ocean Bill Of Lading What is 'Ocean Bill Of Lading' A document required for the transportation of goods overseas. An ocean bill of lading serves as both the carrier's receipt to the shippe

Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)

Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) What is the 'Management Discussion and Analysis - MD&A' Management discussion and analysis (MD&A) is the section of a company's annual report

Accelerated Depreciation

DefinitionAccelerated depreciation refers to any one of several methods by which a company, for 'financial accounting' or tax purposes, depreciates a fixed asset in such a way that the amoun

Sales And Purchase Agreement (SPA)

Sales And Purchase Agreement (SPA) What is a 'Sales And Purchase Agreement - SPA' A sales and purchase agreement (SPA) is a legal contract that obligates a buyer to buy and a seller to sel

Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SARSEP)

Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SARSEP) What is 'Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension Plan - SARSEP' A plan offered by small companies - typically those with few

Cafeteria Plan

DefinitionA cafeteria plan is a type of employee benefit plan offered in the United States pursuant to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. Its name comes from the earliest such plans t

Partial Release

Partial Release What is 'Partial Release' A mortgage provision allowing some of the pledged collateral to be released from the mortgage contract if certain conditions are met. Explaining

Questioned Document Investigation

Questioned Document Investigation What is 'Questioned Document Investigation' An in-depth look into a document which is being questioned in the case of fraud, forgery, etc. The investigati
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