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National Association Of Securities Dealers (NASD)

National Association Of Securities Dealers (NASD) What was the 'National Association Of Securities Dealers - NASD' The National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) was the self-regula

Paper Dealer

Paper Dealer What is 'Paper Dealer' A market maker that buys and sells extremely short-term corporate bonds called commercial paper. A paper dealer is typically a large financial firm that

Qualified Special Representative Agreement (QSR)

Qualified Special Representative Agreement (QSR) What is 'Qualified Special Representative Agreement - QSR' An agreement between broker-dealers to clear trades without the interaction of t

General Collateral Financing Trades (GCF)

General Collateral Financing Trades (GCF) What is 'General Collateral Financing Trades - GCF' A type of repurchase agreement which is executed without the designation of specific securitie

Garage Liability Insurance

Garage Liability Insurance What is 'Garage Liability Insurance' Insurance typically purchased by automobile dealerships and repair shops that covers property damage and bodily injury resul

Dealer Market

Dealer Market What is a 'Dealer Market' A financial market mechanism wherein multiple dealers post prices at which they will buy or sell a specific security of instrument. In a dealer mark

Dealer-Median Prepayment Speed

Dealer-Median Prepayment Speed What is 'Dealer-Median Prepayment Speed' The median value of all Wall Street securities dealers' prepayment speed estimates for the underlying mortgages used

Dealer Option

Dealer Option What is 'Dealer Option' An option issued on the physical inventory of a commodity. A dealer option is typically issued by companies that buy, sell or otherwise use a commodit

Dealer Bank

Dealer Bank What is 'Dealer Bank' A commercial bank authorized to buy and sell government debt securities including federal and municipal bonds. This debt is usually issued to fund large g

Dealer Incentive

Dealer Incentive What is 'Dealer Incentive' A corporate sales strategy in which the price a dealer has to pay a manufacturer for a particular product is reduced, allowing the dealer to mak
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