Dealer-Median Prepayment Speed

What is 'Dealer-Median Prepayment Speed'

The median value of all Wall Street securities dealers' prepayment speed estimates for the underlying mortgages used to form mortgage-backed securities. The prepayment speed estimates used by banks and other regulated financial enterprises to value and manage mortgage-backed security portfolios are a concern to regulators. To that end, dealer-median speeds are widely used as conservative estimates.

Explaining 'Dealer-Median Prepayment Speed'

The dealer-median prepayment speed is an important consideration, as it is the median measure of how fast mortgage borrowers will prepay their mortgages. Prepayment speed estimates are also a very important variable in mortgage-backed securities valuation and analysis. Investors and traders compete to develop more accurate proprietary models in order to outperform each other in the broader market.

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… Effective durations are calculated with dealer median prepayment forecasts using Bloomberg analytics … change in the direction of future rates could produce a large drop in prepay ments to … 50 basis point increase in rates is accompanied by a drop in prepayment speed from 15 …

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