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Yonder 40 Index (Yonder 40)

Yonder 40 Index (Yonder 40) What is 'Yonder 40 Index - Yonder 40' A list of 40 publicly traded companies chosen for their ties to rural areas. The Yonder 40 is designed to reflect the econ

In Specie

In Specie What does 'In Specie' mean In specie is a phrase describing the distribution of an asset in its present form, rather than selling it and distributing the cash proceeds. In specie

Madrid Fixed Income Market .MF

Madrid Fixed Income Market .MF What is 'Madrid Fixed Income Market .MF ' The market used for trading Spain's public debt (central government, some regional governments, and some public-se

Modern Economic Derivatives

Modern Economic Derivatives Modern economies often utilize a set of complex system of measurements. This is certainly true when it comes to the stock market and international trading. One of

Paper Millionaire

Paper Millionaire What is 'Paper Millionaire' An individual who has achieved a high net worth as a result of the large total market value of the assets he or she owns. This phenomenon usua

David Hasselhoff Index

David Hasselhoff Index What is 'David Hasselhoff Index' A stock index comprised of companies associated with actor David Hasselhoff. Investors might correlate the popularity of David with

Dean Analytic Schedule

Dean Analytic Schedule What is 'Dean Analytic Schedule' A method of rating fire insurance policies based on various physical fire hazards. The Dean Analytic Schedule was the first predeter

David Ricardo

DefinitionDavid Ricardo was a British political economist, one of the most influential of the classical economists along with Thomas Malthus, Adam Smith and James Mill. David Ricardo Who wa

David Dreman

DefinitionDavid Dreman is an investor, who founded and is Chairman of Dreman Value Management, an investment company. David Dreman What is 'David Dreman' A prominent private investor who f

David M. Cote

DefinitionDavid M. "Dave" Cote is an American businessman. Cote previously worked for General Electric and TRW Inc. before he was appointed chairman and chief executive officer of Honeywell
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