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Water Damage Clause

Water Damage Clause What is 'Water Damage Clause' A clause in a property-casualty insurance contract. A water damage clause states that the insured is covered for water damage that occurs

War Exclusion Clause

War Exclusion Clause What is 'War Exclusion Clause' A clause in an insurance policy that specifically excludes coverage for acts of war such as invasion, insurrection, revolution, military

Water Damage Insurance

Water Damage Insurance What is 'Water Damage Insurance ' A type of protection provided in most homeowners insurance policies against sudden and accidental water damage. Water damage insur

Wear And Tear Exclusion

Wear And Tear Exclusion What is 'Wear And Tear Exclusion ' A provision of an insurance contract that states that the normal, expected deterioration of the insured object will not be cover

War Damage Insurance Corporation

War Damage Insurance Corporation What is 'War Damage Insurance Corporation' A government financial protection arm created during World War II to provide coverage for war risks that were no

War Risk

War Risk What is 'War Risk' 1. The possibility that an investment will lose value because of a major, violent political upheaval. War generates uncertainty in the financial markets and cau

Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance

Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance What is 'Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance' A policy that provides financial protection to a person or business that unintentionally causes wate

Garage Liability Insurance

Garage Liability Insurance What is 'Garage Liability Insurance' Insurance typically purchased by automobile dealerships and repair shops that covers property damage and bodily injury resul

Gap Insurance

DefinitionGuaranteed Auto Protection insurance was established in the North American financial industry. GAP insurance is the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle and the ba


Gearing What is 'Gearing' Gearing refers to the level of a company’s debt related to its equity capital, usually expressed in percentage form. It is a measure of a company’s financial
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