Protecting Your Business Against Employee Theft

Most employees in full or part-time work are trustworthy. You can offer positions of responsibility or key holder jobs and be safe in the knowledge that they’re doing an honest job. However, as with most things in life – there are always exceptions. Sadly, some employees take advantage of their authority and choose to steal from their workplace.

According to Statista, there were 5.16 thousand employee theft offences in 2020/21 compared with 8.95 thousand in the previous year. Therefore, this is an issue the must get addressed.

Stealing from work can include anything from assets to cash. They could be stealing physical items, money from the till or purposefully charging customers the wrong amount. Stealing company data and employees’ records are also classed as employee theft as this information could lead to further criminal activity.

Whatever form employee theft comes in – it’s wrong. Whilst you can’t change someone’s intentions, you can protect your business to minimise the risk of employee theft occurring. So, here are some ways you can protect your business against employee theft.

How can employee theft be prevented?

Use locks and bolts to secure precious items 

If you house precious items in your store – secure them properly. Securing your doors with strong door bolts and locks will make theft harder to achieve. If you feel these items need extra protection – add a coded lock or password system. This way your valuables are harder to access and less likely to get stolen.

Do a thorough employee background check

When you interview a candidate for a job make sure you do a thorough background check on them. Look into their employment history and read their references thoroughly. If something feels wrong, trust your gut and investigate it further. You don’t want any regrets later down the line.

Have a zero-tolerance policy 

The more people can get away with it, the further they push the boundaries. Employees must have respect for their seniors at work and, a lack of respect might lead to issues such as theft. If someone steps out of line, make sure you sort it out immediately. Then, all your employees know where they stand and are less likely to cause trouble.

Implement an easy way for people to report theft 

Managers can’t have eyes on everyone, so you must create a safe space for employees to report theft. Whether you create a reporting system online or allow your employees to speak to you in confidence, they need to know that reporting crime is okay.