How To Generate Extra Money in Your Retirement

Throughout our lives, we try to save up as much money as we can for our retirement. The goal is to have enough money to live off of, even without a primary income. We want enough money that we can do all the things we didn’t have time for while we were working, like traveling the world. However, too many of us find that when retirement arrives, we don’t have the type of savings we hoped for. If you’re in this situation or nearing it, you may be wondering if there are some ways to generate extra income during your retirement. Luckily, there are a few options you can explore.

Part-Time Job

The first is getting a part-time job. It may not seem initially appealing to go back to work after retiring but this is often the best way to bring in a reliable source of income. Your part-time job doesn’t have to be anything too complicated or stressful. You can likely find something where you just work a few hours a week, allowing you plenty of time to pursue your hobbies for the rest of the time.

Think about the skills you’ve acquired over the years and what sort of job may be a good fit for you. For instance, if you spent your life working in an office, maybe a small business in your area needs help for a few hours a week. Find something that will help you generate extra money without entirely ruining the point of retiring. There are plenty of jobs for retirees, so see what’s out there and what makes the most sense for you.

Reverse Mortgage

If you’re the owner of a home, you may be able to use it to bring in some extra money. Through a reverse mortgage, you borrow against the equity in your home. For some homeowners, this is a good way to pad their retirement savings quickly and you still get to stay in your home. Before deciding on a reverse mortgage, you should fully research them to ensure they are the right move for your situation. Then, if you decide you want to go this route, use a site like to read reviews of reverse mortgage lenders. This way, you’re more likely to work with a reputable source and get a reverse mortgage loan at reasonable terms.

Give Your Opinions

Many businesses are willing to pay you for your opinions. Through focus groups and surveys, you’ll test out products or services and give your feedback. This is how businesses learn more about their audience and what sort of changes to make to their products. Spending an hour providing your opinions on a product isn’t a bad way to make some extra house and gives you something to do throughout the day. You may even get to test out some fun or unique products before they hit the market. You can use a site like FindFocusGroups to find focus groups in your area to get started.

Teach Something

Do you have a unique skill? Is there something you’re good at or knowledgeable about? If so, you may be able to make some money teaching about it. For example, maybe you’ve played the piano you’re entire life. To earn some extra money in your retirement, you could teach piano lessons a few times per week. Or maybe you’ve always been good at math. You could provide some tutoring sessions for local students in the afternoons and evenings. Booking even just a few lessons per week can make a significant difference in your financial situation, plus you get the chance to share your knowledge and passion with someone else. That’s not a bad way to spend retirement regardless of the pay.


Finally, many people in retirement find it helpful to downsize. Downsizing is the act of scaling back your lifestyle. For example, maybe you raised your family in a four-bedroom home that you no longer need. Downsizing to a smaller home or apartment could save you significantly each year when it comes to your mortgage and property taxes.

Reducing your spending has the same effect as generating more income in that you have more money to spend on the things you want to do. It’s not always easy to downsize when you’ve grown accustomed to certain things but if you can find some areas of your life to scale back, you may enjoy spending that money elsewhere instead.

Live Your Ideal Retirement

The best way to live your ideal retirement is by saving up plenty of money before that time arrives. However, this isn’t possible for all of us. The next best option is to find ways to generate additional income during your retirement. Doing so keeps you busy while also giving you the funds you need to live your ideal retirement.