Betting Tips for Starting with Online Bingo

Although bingo is largely a game of luck, there are tips you can use to secure regular wins. For example, many seasoned bingo players believe you can become profitable at bingo by using systems like the Tippett Strategy.

In his theory, Tippett suggested that you’re more likely to win bingo games if you draw numbers closer to the median average. If you’re playing 90-ball bingo, choose balls closer to 45. With 30-ball bingo, select balls near 15.

For clarity, the Tippett system works only if a game will take an hour or longer. That said, this beginner’s guide to bingo shares actionable tips you can use to become a better player online. Let’s dive right in.

#1: Choose a Reputable Bingo Site

New bingo sites open up every month. Find a site with your favorite bingo variants. Look at its payment methods, welcome bonuses, and security measures. More importantly, choose a reputable site.

A good reputation means a site operates with players in mind. It processes withdrawals quickly, gives out warm bonuses, and has an efficient customer service department.

While selecting a trustworthy site is important, ensure the site accepts players from your country. Find a bingo site for US players if you’re based in the US. Choose UK bingo casinos if you’re located in Britain.

Otherwise, you might experience frustrations with deposits and withdrawals. Joining a betting site illegally might also lead to the suspension of your account. This might happen even after you deposit money on the site.

#2: Claim and Use Bingo Bonuses

Bingo bonuses add more money to your betting account. The best part is that you don’t need to do a lot to receive a reward. With most sites, you receive a bonus after your first deposit.

Some sites match your first deposit 100% so that if you deposit $20, you receive a $20 bonus. Some bingo casinos have much bigger offers. They can give you up to $50 after you deposit $10.

Bonuses allow you to play your favorite bingo games without depleting your account balance. The best bonuses can also maximize your winnings. But beware; most of them have terms and conditions.

Some of the most popular bonus terms include wager requirements, validity time, game rules, and withdrawal limits. Select bonuses with a low number of wager terms. This will make it easier to turn your bonuses into cash.

#3: Buy Multiple Bingo Cards

Bingo is a numbers game. The more cards you have, the higher your chances of winning. Now, we’re not saying you should spend your entire bankroll on one session of bingo.

Budget your money. If you have $200 to spend in a month, decide the number of times you want to play in a week. Maybe your goal is to spend $50 during your free time on Sunday afternoons.

Spend your $50 on high-value cards. Sure, you’ll get more cards if you buy cards worth 10 cents. But these cards have pretty low payouts. With $50 as your bankroll, you could buy 50 cards worth $1 each or 100 cards worth 50 cents each.

Stacking up cards tilts the odds of winning in your favor. This is especially true when playing bingo against a few number of opponents. That said, every game has a maximum number of cards you can buy. And sometimes people snatch up these cards quickly.

#4: Practice Bingo Strategies on Free Games

Earlier on, we stated that many experienced players follow certain strategies to better their chances of winning. The only problem is that these systems don’t always work.

To determine the best bingo strategy for you, test-drive a few systems using free online bingo games. Take the Tippett Strategy as an example. It states you should choose games closer to the median number. But this rule applies only when the bingo game is moving on at a slow pace.

If you’re playing 75-ball bingo in a short session game, you should pick balls near 1 and 75. Granville’s strategy is slightly different. It states you should pick a variety of even, odd, high, and low numbers.

Neither strategy offers a 100% guarantee of winning. In fact, some people argue that these systems don’t work. So, try them out using free games and only spend money if a strategy proves to be effective.

#5: Avoid Peak Bingo Hours

Though bingo is a social game, you don’t have to log into your account when the entire community is online. Too many people mean sessions will be quick and you might not have enough time to select good games.

It also means that people will be buying cards in larger numbers. If everyone has 10 or more games, the odds of winning plummet. If you play bingo with winning in mind, choose a good time to play.

The best time to play online bingo ultimately depends on you. Can you play the game at four o’clock in the morning? Would you rather play it on a Tuesday afternoon when everyone is at work?

#6: Socialize in Chat Rooms

One of the things that makes bingo a special game is that it brings players together. You can interact with your opponents in the chatrooms to wish them luck, ask questions, or share tips.

Chatrooms not only make online bingo more enjoyable. They can also be a resource for learning better ways to win online bingo.

#7: Be Patient

Bingo is a game of luck. You could buy half the cards in a bingo game and still lose. You could increase your bet amounts or play off-peak hours and still fail to win. But here’s the thing.

Play bingo for entertainment. Socialize with your fellow players in the chatrooms. Try out different strategies and have fun using bonuses. However, don’t give up on the game just yet.

More importantly, don’t chase your losses or increase your bankroll when you lose. Practice patience instead. Follow the tips mentioned above without exceeding your bankroll. Eventually, you’ll win a bingo game. And it might be a jackpot.