Why You Might Have Gotten a Synchrony Bank Letter in the Mail

Synchrony Bank Letter

You open your mailbox and sift through the various bills, advertisements, and coupons, eventually coming across an envelope with a return address of Synchrony Bank. You don’t recall ever opening a credit card with them, so you might be wondering why you would be getting mail from them. Here are a few reasons why you might have received a letter from Synchrony Bank.

1. You Have an Account with Them

The most likely reason you would receive mail from Synchrony Bank is that you have an account with them. This could be a credit card, store card, or even a savings account. While it’s possible you forgot you opened an account with them, it’s more likely that you simply don’t check that particular mailbox very often.

2. They Purchased Another Bank

If you have an account with another bank that was recently purchased by Synchrony Bank, you may start receiving mail from them as well. This is because Synchrony Bank will want to inform you of the change and let you know that your account has been transitioned over to their bank.

3. They’re Offering a New Credit Card product

If you don’t have an account with Synchrony Bank but they think you might be interested in their products, they may send you unsolicited offers in the mail. This is common practice for banks and other financial institutions. However, if you’re not interested in their offer, you can simply throw it away.


Receiving a letter from Synchrony Bank in the mail can be confusing if you don’t know why they’re reaching out to you. However, it’s most likely that you have an account with them or they’re trying to offer you a new credit card product. If you’re not interested in their offer, simply throw it away and carry on with your day!