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Yield To Maturity (YTM)

Yield To Maturity (YTM) What is 'Yield To Maturity (YTM)' Yield to maturity (YTM) is the total return anticipated on a bond if the bond is held until the end of its lifetime. Yield to matu

Mandatory Redemption Schedule

Mandatory Redemption Schedule What is 'Mandatory Redemption Schedule' Specified dates when a bond issuer is required to redeem all or a portion of the outstanding issues of a bond prior to

Back-End Load

Back-End Load What is a 'Back-End Load' A back-end load is a fee (sales charge or load) that investors pay when selling mutual fund shares, and the fee amounts to a percentage of the value

Canada Premium Bond (CPB)

Canada Premium Bond (CPB) What is 'Canada Premium Bond - CPB' A debt instrument issued by the Bank of Canada that offers a higher interest rate than a Canada Savings Bond (CSB) with the sa

Callable Bond

DefinitionA callable bond is a type of bond that allows the issuer of the bond to retain the privilege of redeeming the bond at some point before the bond reaches its date of maturity. In ot

Partial Redemption

Partial Redemption What is 'Partial Redemption' An investment-transaction classification that refers to the withdrawal of a portion of a security's value by the owner. Rather than withdraw

Partially Convertible Debenture (PCD)

Partially Convertible Debenture (PCD) What is 'Partially Convertible Debenture - PCD' A type of convertible debenture, part of which will be redeemed by the issuing company after a specifi

Quarterly Income Preferred Securities (QUIPS)

Quarterly Income Preferred Securities (QUIPS) What is 'Quarterly Income Preferred Securities - QUIPS' Shares that are an interest in a limited partnership that exists solely for the purpos

Mandatorily Redeemable Shares

Mandatorily Redeemable Shares What are 'Mandatorily Redeemable Shares' Mandatorily redeemable shares are shares owned by an individual or entity which are required to be redeemed for cash

Unamortized Bond Premium

Unamortized Bond Premium What is 'Unamortized Bond Premium' The difference between the par-value or face-value of a bond and the price above this face value, at which the bond has been iss
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