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Kakaku Yusen

Kakaku Yusen What is 'Kakaku Yusen' The system of pricing that is used by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Under the Kakaku Yusen system, a lower-priced trade is given priority over a higher-pric

Madrid Fixed Income Market .MF

Madrid Fixed Income Market .MF What is 'Madrid Fixed Income Market .MF ' The market used for trading Spain's public debt (central government, some regional governments, and some public-se

Ralph Wanger

Ralph Wanger What is 'Ralph Wanger' The former chief portfolio manager for the Acorn Fund who founded Wanger Asset Management. Ralph Wanger also gained acclaim for his witty investment new

Gentry-De La Garza Model

Gentry-De La Garza Model What is 'Gentry-De La Garza Model' A different way of managing account receivables, proposed by college professors James A. Gentry and Jesus M. De La Garza in the


De-hedge What is 'De-hedge' The process of closing out positions that were originally put in place to act as a hedge in one's portfolio. De-hedging involves going back into the marketplace


Abend What is 'Abend' An unexpected end to a computer program that results in the system crashing or closing down. Derived from the abbreviated version of the term "abnormal end", abend cr

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain What is 'Daisy Chain' Daisy chain is a term used to describe a group of unscrupulous investors who, when practicing a kind of fictitious trading or wash selling, artificially i

James D. Slater

James D. Slater What is 'James D. Slater' A renowned investment author in Britain, who wrote a Sunday column in London's The Sunday Telegraph under the pen name "The Capitalist". Slater wa

John W. Conway

John W. Conway What is 'John W. Conway' The chairman, president and CEO of Philadelphia-based Crown Holdings, a company that produces metal packaging such as soft drink cans, candy tins an

John R. Coomber

John R. Coomber What is 'John R. Coomber' The CEO of U.K.-based Pension Corporation, a company that helps defined-benefit pension funds manage risk, and a former CEO of Zurich-based reinsu
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