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Stock Market Basics: How To Start Investing

Global stock market value reached record highs of $95 trillion in 2021. Investing in the stock market lets you own stakes in some of the most lucrative companies in the world and can end

How To Start Investing: A Guide For Students

As a student, you might be confused about how to get started with investing your funds. You might even think with rent, groceries, and utility bills, you won’t have enough in your accoun

How Anyone Can Start With ESG investing

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing considers financial returns as well as environmental, social, and governance factors, such as CO2 emissions. Today, investors have mor

8 Strategies For Investing In Coin Collections

Engaging in collectibles such as rare coins is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio significantly. When you want to be successful in this endeavor, it'll require you to

6 Powerful Tips for Investing in Real Estate

Those looking for a solid long term investment opportunity often choose real estate, and there are lots of advantages to taking this route, as well as some common mistakes to be aware of.

5 Different Strategies to Reduce Risk When Investing

Investments help to maintain the value of your savings. Keeping all your finances in a bank account might be the safer option, but ultimately it means that you lose money, as inflation tak

What can we learn from the GameStop showdown?

In January 2021 an event took place that had never occurred before, which shook the financial markets to its core. A surge of independent traders flocked to purchase stocks in the formally

Key Ratio

Key Ratio What is 'Key Ratio' A mathematical ratio that illustrates and summarizes the current financial condition of a company. Key ratios can be used to easily obtain an idea of a compan

Hard Stop

Hard Stop What is 'Hard Stop' A price level that, if reached, will trigger an order to sell an underlying security. Hard stops are set at a constant price and are inherently good until can

Halloween Strategy

Halloween Strategy What is a 'Halloween Strategy' A Halloween strategy is an investment technique in which an investor sells stocks before May 1 and refrains from reinvesting in the stock
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