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Malpractice Insurance

DefinitionProfessional liability insurance, also called professional indemnity insurance but more commonly known as errors & omissions in the US, is a form of liability insurance which helps

Absolute Priority

Absolute Priority What is an 'Absolute Priority' An absolute priority is a rule that stipulates the order of payment - creditors before shareholders - in the event of liquidation. The abso


Backlog What is a 'Backlog' A backlog is a buildup of work that needs to be completed. The term "backlog" has a number of uses in finance; it may refer to a company's sales orders waiting


Baidu What is 'Baidu' The dominant Chinese internet search engine company. Baidu offers many of the same products and services as Google, but is primarily focused on China, where it contro

Calendar Year Accounting Incurred Losses

Calendar Year Accounting Incurred Losses What is 'Calendar Year Accounting Incurred Losses ' Calendar year accounting incurred losses is a term used in the insurance industry to describe t

Quiet Title

DefinitionAn action to quiet title is a lawsuit brought in a court having jurisdiction over property disputes, in order to establish a party's title to real property, or personal property ha

Fake Claims

Fake Claims What is 'Fake Claims' The term fake claims refers to insurance claims that are made fraudulently. These claims are made in an attempt for the policy holder to benefit financial

Water Damage Insurance

Water Damage Insurance What is 'Water Damage Insurance ' A type of protection provided in most homeowners insurance policies against sudden and accidental water damage. Water damage insur

Waiver Of Premium For Disability

Waiver Of Premium For Disability What is 'Waiver Of Premium For Disability ' A provision in an insurance policy that states that the insurance company will not require the insured to pay

Water Damage Clause

Water Damage Clause What is 'Water Damage Clause' A clause in a property-casualty insurance contract. A water damage clause states that the insured is covered for water damage that occurs
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