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Salad Oil Scandal

DefinitionThe Salad Oil Scandal, also referred to as the "Soybean Scandal", was a major corporate scandal in 1963 that ultimately caused over $150 million – approximately $1.1 billion in 2


Bailout What is a 'Bailout' A bailout is a situation in which a business, an individual or a government offers money to a failing business to prevent the consequences that arise from the b

Pension Fund

DefinitionA pension fund, also known as a superannuation fund in some countries, is any plan, fund, or scheme which provides retirement income. Pension Fund A pension fund is a fund that is

Vandalism And Malicious Mischief Insurance

Vandalism And Malicious Mischief Insurance What is 'Vandalism And Malicious Mischief Insurance' A type of insurance coverage that protects against losses sustained as a result of vandals.

Fat Finger Error

DefinitionA fat-finger error is a keyboard input error in the financial markets such as the stock market or foreign exchange market whereby an order to buy or sell is placed of far greater s

Water Exclusion Clause

Water Exclusion Clause What is 'Water Exclusion Clause ' A restriction in a homeowner's or renter's insurance policy that denies coverage for certain water-related claims. Types of water

Water Damage Insurance

Water Damage Insurance What is 'Water Damage Insurance ' A type of protection provided in most homeowners insurance policies against sudden and accidental water damage. Water damage insur

War Risk Insurance

DefinitionWar risk insurance is a type of insurance which covers damage due to acts of war, including invasion, insurrection, rebellion and hijacking. Some policies also cover damage due to

Water Damage Clause

Water Damage Clause What is 'Water Damage Clause' A clause in a property-casualty insurance contract. A water damage clause states that the insured is covered for water damage that occurs

War Exclusion Clause

War Exclusion Clause What is 'War Exclusion Clause' A clause in an insurance policy that specifically excludes coverage for acts of war such as invasion, insurrection, revolution, military
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