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Kappa What is 'Kappa' One of the "Greeks," kappa is the ratio of the dollar price change of an option to a 1% change in the expected price volatility (also called implied volatility) of th

National Diamond

DefinitionMichael Porter's National Diamond framework resulted from a study of patterns of comparative advantage among industrialized nations. It works to integrate much of Porter's previous

On Track

On Track What is 'On Track' 1. A type of commodities delivery for futures contracts that is deferred and priced according to the seller's location FOB. 2. A physical commodity that is

Management Fee

DefinitionIn the investment advisory industry, a management fee is a periodic payment that is paid by an investment fund to the fund's investment adviser for investment and portfolio managem


Reaffirmation What is 'Reaffirmation' An agreement made between a debtor and a creditor to repay some or all of a debt. Reaffirmations are made on a purely voluntary basis by the debtor. T


DefinitionBailment describes a legal relationship in common law where physical possession of personal property, or a chattel, is transferred from one person to another person who subsequentl

Bag Holder

DefinitionIn U.S. financial slang, a bagholder is a shareholder left holding shares of worthless stocks. Bag Holder What is 'Bag Holder' An informal investment term used to describe an inv


Parking What is 'Parking' Parking in stock trading is the practice of selling shares to another party with the understanding that the original owner will buy them back after a short time.


Paraplanning What is 'Paraplanning' A relatively new position within the financial planning industry that involves the performance of the administrative duties of a financial planner. This

Fast Tape

Fast Tape What is 'Fast Tape' A type of futures market that occurs when a single traded price is unavailable because of the rapid and large number of transactions occurring in the pit or r
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