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Yearly Renewable Term (YRT)

Yearly Renewable Term (YRT) What is 'Yearly Renewable Term - YRT' A one-year term life insurance policy. This type of policy gives policy holders a quote for the year the coverage is bough

Accelerated Reply Mail (ARM)

Accelerated Reply Mail (ARM) What is 'Accelerated Reply Mail - ARM' An expedited delivery of business reply mail offered by the U.S. Postal Service. Reply mail may be routed to a postal fa

Absolute Breadth Index (ABI)

Absolute Breadth Index (ABI) What is 'Absolute Breadth Index - ABI' A market indicator used to determine volatility levels in the market without factoring in price direction. It is calcula

Quarterly Income Preferred Securities (QUIPS)

Quarterly Income Preferred Securities (QUIPS) What is 'Quarterly Income Preferred Securities - QUIPS' Shares that are an interest in a limited partnership that exists solely for the purpos

Qualified Special Representative Agreement (QSR)

Qualified Special Representative Agreement (QSR) What is 'Qualified Special Representative Agreement - QSR' An agreement between broker-dealers to clear trades without the interaction of t

Value Added Monthly Index (VAMI)

Value Added Monthly Index (VAMI) What is 'Value Added Monthly Index - VAMI' An index that tracks the monthly performance of a hypothetical $1000 investment. The calculation for the curre

Wealth Added Index (WAI)

Wealth Added Index (WAI) What is 'Wealth Added Index - WAI' A metric designed by Stern Stewart & Co consulting firm that attempts to measure wealth created (or destroyed) for sharehold

National Registration Database (NRD)

National Registration Database (NRD) What is 'National Registration Database - NRD' A Canadian database, launched in 2003 to replace the old paper form system, that allows security dealers

Targeted Accrual Redemption Note (TARN)

Targeted Accrual Redemption Note (TARN) What is a 'Targeted Accrual Redemption Note - TARN' A targeted accrual redemption note (TARN) is an investment vehicle, calculated based on a variat

Last Twelve Months (LTM Finance)

Last Twelve Months (LTM) What does 'Last Twelve Months - LTM' mean Last twelve months (LTM), also commonly designated as trailing twelve months (TTM), indicates the time frame of the immed
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