Managed Money


Managed Money is a 1934 short comedy film directed by Charles Lamont. The film stars Frank Coghlan Jr. and Shirley Temple. It was also known as Frolics of Youth and Measured Money. This was the second film in which Temple starred as Mary Lou. The film tells the story of Sonny and Sid prospecting for gold to pay for their military academy education. Sonny’s sister, Mary Lou stows away in the back of their car. Eventually, they meet an inventor who helps them financially.

Managed Money

What is ‘Managed Money’

A means of investment where the investor, rather than buying and selling their own securities, places their investment funds in the hands of a qualified investment professional for a predetermined annual fee.

Explaining ‘Managed Money’

Mutual funds are a good example of managed money; investors simply put their money into the fund, which deducts a specified percentage from the funds on a periodic basis for the service of researching prospective investments and maintaining the fund’s portfolio. Essentially, investors with managed money believe they can earn higher returns by employing someone else to professionally handle their investments.

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