KOF Economic Barometer

What is ‘KOF Economic Barometer’

A composite indicator that provides a reliable reading on the direction of GDP growth for the Swiss economy compared with the year-earlier quarter. The KOF Economic Barometer is based on a multi-sectoral design with three modules: core GDP, construction and banking. The barometer has a complex structure, as it bundles as many as 20 individual indicators in several steps. It is published monthly by the KOF Swiss Economic Institute.

Explaining ‘KOF Economic Barometer’

Although the KOF Institute cautions that no conclusions can be drawn about the level of the GDP growth rate on the basis of the KOF Economic Barometer, the barometer is closely followed by participants in the financial markets. Barometer readings that are higher than expected may have the effect of strengthening the Swiss franc, while lower than anticipated readings may weaken it.

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