Italy Golden Visa Investment Options

Do you want a backup plan to move to a rich and economically developed country? Then, you have a direct path to sunny Italy. Moreover, you can get a golden pass document thanks to special programs. The nation’s wealth lies not only in the pleasant climate, coastal areas, delicious food, and drinks. The most important thing is the hospitality of the population. Let’s add here the advantages in the world production of household appliances, industrial equipment, transportation, fashionable clothes, and shoes.

The state offers relaxation to vacationers surrounded by mountain ranges, lakes, and beaches. Where better than in this republic can you establish a business and open your own company to produce or realize products? Of course, it is feasible. The main thing is the investor’s desire to get an italy golden visa in the shortest possible time.

What is the Italian Golden Visa Program?

Golden visa is a remarkable pass document for foreigners, issued based on an investment in the Italian economy. Do not confuse it with a mark on your passport, as it is a full-fledged permit. The card provides direct access to Golden Visas and gives you the right to own and manage any property, including apartments, houses, villas, etc. You will be able to work and carry out any tasks assigned to you and cross the borders of non-EU countries.

Benefits of the Italy Golden Visa

A pass to the Republic and Italy residence by investment has many benefits, ranging from a different standard of living, comfort, medical services, and employment options. It is not a complete list of the quality of life in residency:

  • reducing the waiting time for the card: unlike most ordinary security clearances, it is issued more quickly;
  • improved living conditions and high spiritual development;
  • high level of security: considered one of the safest states in the world, making it attractive to cosmopolitans;
  • strong economy and great business opportunities;
  • developed infrastructure, economically accessible investment programs, and a highly productive workforce;
  • tax residency after 183 days of residence;
  • get citizenship after 10 years of naturalization.

You do not need to be permanently present in the territory to obtain the status and enjoy this privilege of the state, and this is what distinguishes citizenship through admission from the 10-year naturalization.

Italy Golden Visa Investment Options

The special offer for internationalists has been in force for 6 years and involves four Italy golden visa investment options and replenishment of the state coffers:

  • 2 million euros in bonds;
  • 500,000 euros in a limited liability company;
  • contribution to a start-up company;

In return for monetary contributions, entry, and exit clearance at any time and residency is guaranteed. Application processing time is usually 30-60 days, after which you need to send all documents for review and approval. And after receiving the card, it is necessary to request a residence permit within 8 days and accordingly make an investment.

Real Estate Investment

For this way, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the requirements and regulations set by the Italian government. The conditions may include the minimum amount, the types of property that can be purchased, and the terms of ownership. In addition to the cost of the business, consider the additional costs associated with the purchase, such as taxes, legal fees, and agent commissions.

After selection, you will need the assistance of a lawyer to prepare the necessary legal documents, including the purchase agreement and other related paperwork.

Business Investment

The process is a specific set of steps that need to be followed. Here are the main steps:

  • preparation of documents, including a business plan, financial statements, references on availability of funds, etc.;
  • search for a suitable business. It can be a new start-up or the purchase of an existing business;
  • investment of funds, the amount depends on the type of business, but in general, it is at least 500,000 euros;
  • business registration;
  • obtaining a residence permit;
  • opening of the business.

It is important to note that obtaining an Italy Golden Visa can take time, and the requirements may vary depending on your situation.

Investment in Italian Government Bonds

Before requesting the coveted document, initial paperwork and copies are submitted to Nulla Osta through special portals. Then, after verification of personal papers and certificates of non-criminalization, the candidate receives a letter of trust, which authorizes him to apply for a visa and to pay a bond of 2 million euros or more.

Donation to a Charitable Project

Donations must be strictly documented, copies submitted to the embassy as proof of charity, in addition to bank statements of payment and a letter from the recipient of this remittance – the charitable foundation. The minimum amount is €1 million.


So, let’s summarize everything that has been said above. There is nothing impossible for a cosmopolitan if he wants to realize his dreams. Italian power is the way to a happy life. It combines luxurious sandy beaches, mountain peaks, modern buildings, and architectural ensembles. Many tourists come every year to explore the surroundings and relax from the hustle and bustle. If you decide to invest, finding out which consulting companies are reliable, have international experience, and can provide expert assistance is important. According to Immigrant Invest specialist Vladlena Baranova, wealthy people should protect themselves with dual citizenship. It will bring great opportunities for the applicant and his family. Moreover, the doors of another country are open to him at any time if something is not to his liking in his home country or the rights of the citizen are infringed.