How to Know What Career Is Right for Me

Thinking about what career is the right one for you can be a useful exercise. Most successful people seem to have an intuitive sense of what profession they are meant to be in. They seem to realize that this is what they want to do from a very early age.

But most of us were not raised with that kind of guidance. We went to school and then to work and life happened. And so many of us land a job or land an interview we don’t like. Why did you choose that job? Was it the salary? Was it the prestige? Was it the chance to be important? Or did the job just seem like something you could do without much training?

Whatever it was, it is unlikely to be the same thing that attracts you to your new employment opportunity. If you’re a college student using the best resume platform that is out there now, Skillhub –  slowly familiarizing yourself with the career world, or you’re an already working adult wanting to move on – the next pieces of advice are for you. So, read on!

Think About What’s Right for You

The first step in finding out what vocation is right for you is to decide what interests you. That may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how hard it is even for adults. You start out in college thinking, “I want to be a doctor.” But along the way, you’ve gotten interested in music, physics, math, and other stuff. So you end up unsure of what to do with your life. And you are not alone.

Even if you can name a dozen of interests, there still might be an issue. You might have a hard time singling your true passion out because they’re so many options to choose from. So, to avoid this confusion, give yourself plenty of time to think about what you really want from life, career-wise. You can do so by making a list of your wants, hobbies, and wishes!

And don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have any relevant qualifications to get the job on your list. Unless it’s something really specific – there are plenty of entry-level options to get your professional journey started. And you can always use a resume writing service to help you out. Just send them a detailed summary of your work experience, hobbies, interests, and qualifications and they’ll be able to get you a solid resume that will help you in your job search.

Think About Who You Wanted to Be When You Grow Up

Some say that when they grew up, they always knew what they wanted to be. But, when asked, most people would admit that they had no idea what they were thinking. People usually don’t guess right.

Your childhood dreams may be baseless and not stand up to the reality of the market. But it’s a great place to start. What you want to do is to start coming up with concrete ideas. And revisiting your childhood aspirations will leave you with a couple of options to start with and consider.

Weigh Your Key Skills and Talents

Some people are good at leadership but not so good at writing. Some poor writers are good at physics, but not so good at chemistry – and so on. Every person has at least one or two skills they can make their living off of. If you have none – that means you haven’t discovered them yet. Try some new hobbies, look for your niche. It will become the cornerstone of your future career.

Before you apply to be interviewed by a professional hiring manager or even choose a career path, spend a few days thinking about what you do well. Don’t limit yourself to what you enjoy doing. What makes you good at what you do? What skills or talents do you have and can use to choose the right occupation?

When you’re done thinking, just know – you’re not limited to just those career resources. You can combine two skills in the workplace. The skill of writing well and the organizational skill of teaching – or the skill of math and the organizational skill of planning budgets – the choice is yours. Just make sure that in the new place, your natural talents, skills, and accomplishments are valued.

Don’t Forget About Money

To figure out how much money you want out of a job, start with your life goals. What do you want to do with your life? What are the things you really care about, and which things give you the most pleasure? Figuring out what you want to do with your life, and then what that gets you, gives you your market.

Now, what the job market pays you for your job is complex, and you can’t sometimes predict it. But you can get an idea, and you can give yourself wiggle room. Once you know what you want, you can decide how much wiggle room you need. In other words – always shoot for the moon; if you miss, you’ll journey among the stars. Carers are an amazing and challenging opportunity to test your skills and natural abilities – and to show the world your worth.

Final Thoughts

Every occupation has its pros and cons. And sometimes the job you would like to do can be unavailable due to factors like pay or undeveloped infrastructure. Your job pick is a complex equation with multiple variables. But once you carefully consider them all you will definitely end up with a couple of answers that fit it perfectly.

And don’t be shy to experiment. We live in the age of innovation. Even the most unlikely skills that could be considered worthless some ten years ago can be monetized today. Be sure to give it your best shot and you will be rewarded for your effort.