How do I know if a cigar is bad?

Cigars are mainly for luxurious pleasure enjoyed by the rich. However, cigars can last for more than five months, depending on how it is preserved. Preservation of cigars is not too complicated. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to keep it even when it has gone bad.

Smoking a bad cigar is not good for your health. Therefore, checking the condition of the cigar before smoking it is very important. Read and learn how to know when a cigar has gone bad.

Signs of a bad cigar

A cigar gets bad when the preservation method is poor. Good cigars last for more than two years if they’re appropriately preserved. Check out the signs of a bad cigar below:

Dried up

A cigar is not supposed to look very dry. Also, the cigar should not be moist. A very common sign of a bad cigar is when it is dry. If you try to, the cigar will become difficult to smoke and crack or crumble. If you notice it has cracked up, dispose of the cigar.


Whether it’s a cigar or not, as soon as you notice a mold on any consumable item, then it’s bad. The mold on a cigar can either be whitish or greenish. Usually, the mold appears like spots on the cigar. Sometimes, they may not be obvious until the cigar is very bad.


Not all moldy cigars smell. However, another sign of a bad cigar is when it starts smelling. A smelly cigar is not good to smoke. The smell is often offensive, and the cigar’s taste changes dramatically. Throw away a smelly cigar because it’s not good to smoke it.

Preserving your expensive cigars

The first that comes to mind regarding preserving luxurious cigars is a humidor. Your cigar can last for a year or more with a good humidor. Humidors are made of cedars, and they are available at online stores.

The humidor is a box that provides the cigar with a certain humidity level. If the cigar is not kept in a humidor, the possibility of drying out quickly is very high. A good humidor comes with a customized one from S.T. Dupont or any other brand. But a St Dupont lighter lasts longer.

Meanwhile, another alternative storage method for cigars is to keep them in a jar. You can also keep the cigar in a cool, dry place. If the cigar is not wrapped or protected, insects may feast on it.


Cigars don’t get bad so quickly. The average lifespan of a cigar can be up to 1 year or more if it’s preserved well. Poor storage is the bane of every cigar. Furthermore, trying to save a cigar is not proper. Don’t smoke the cigar as soon as you notice that it is brittle or cracking. When a cigar starts to smell, it should not be near your mouth. Finally, keep your cigar where children can reach them. Your cigar lighter can be placed in your humidor, too.