Gold and Other Precious Metals IRA as Investment Idea

Gold IRAs

                There are at least two distinct kinds of IRAs, and a precious metals IRA is an example of both. A precious metals IRA is also called a self-directed IRA and it allows you to add precious metals such as gold and silver to them. You could also add real estate and cryptocurrency if you wanted to. There are many ways to invest in gold and gold IRAs, you will have to research to discover which is best for you. You can choose a precious metals company that can help you with all the details and can at least point you in the right direction when you decide to start investing.

This article will give your ideas on the precious metals that you can add to your gold IRA. (These are the most popular metals that are added to these types of IRAs.) There are some precious metals that are not allowed in this type of IRA.

Precious Metals

            The four most popular metals to invest in are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. You could also invest in other metals, but these are the most common, (This article will concentrate on these types of precious metals.)


            The most popular of all the metals is gold and it has been around for many thousands of years. It has been used for currencies around the world. It has also been used for jewelry, decorations, dentistry, and the automotive industry. Gold was once used as the standard that our current currency was based from, but in the early 1970’s President Nixon signed an order that removed it as the standard. This was quickly done around the world and soon gold was not the standard for most currencies around the world. But that didn’t lessen the value of it, today it is still as valuable as ever.

Gold prices have changed since the seventies, but it has only increased in value over time. In the seventies, gold was nearly $40 an ounce. Today, you could get nearly $2,000 for an ounce of gold. It has decreased a bit in the last couple of years, but it has stayed between $1,500 and $2,000 for an ounce.

Gold is a good hedge against inflation and a failing economy and has been for many year$. In the seventy’s, people bout gold to fight the bad inflation issues that were going on then. People would buy gold and store it around their homes or in safe deposit boxes at the nearest local bank. Nowadays, people buy gold for their IRAs and store it at official $storage facilities around the world. If you are buying gold for your IRA, you cannot by it on your own, you must go through a broker to get it. (You also can’t store it at your home or your local bank, it must be stored in a secure facility.) The gold you buy also must fit the purity standards of 98% that the IRS has before it can be used for a gold IRA.


            Silver is another metal that has been around for several thousand years and has remained popular in all those years. It was also once used as currency in many different countries. It was used for decorations and for jewelry as well as many other things throughout history. It is still used in a variety of ways today, including the automotive industry and for electronics. It is also used for dentistry and other health products in the health industry. Silver is a beautiful metal that has amazed people for years, and it is less expensive, thus more affordable for people to buy: You can buy an ounce of silver for around $30 to $40 an ounce, depending on the day. It is a terrific way to begin investing in precious metals because of the cost and because of its desirability. Silver also must meet stringent regulations from the IRS to add it to your precious metals IRA. (Silver must be at least 99% pure to meet those standards and it must be bought by a broker and stored in a secure facility.)


            Platinum has not been around as long as gold and silver, but is still an incredibly good metal to invest in. It is used for the automotive industry, as well as for electronics and jewelry. People love the strength of platinum and they love the color, which is why it is a good metal for jewelry. Platinum is also very flexible in its uses, making it perfect for many industries, Platinum costs the same as gold right now, and that is about $1,800 an ounce at last check. If you are going to put it in your gold IRA, it will also need to meet the standards of the IRS, meaning that it needs to be at least 98% pure.


            Palladium is very much like platinum in both looks and strength. It is also a particularly good metal for many industries, including the automotive, electronics, and jewelry industries. The automotive industry uses it mostly for catalytic converters and other car parts that must be very strong. You can look here to see more uses for palladium. There are some unique applications for this metal. Palladium is an expensive metal that is going for around $1,500 per ounce right now. If you are planning to buy it for your IRA account, you must buy palladium that is (98% pure) and you must buy it through a broker and store it in a secure facility.


            Opening a precious metals IRA is a good idea for many people, especially if they want to invest in precious metals for their retirement years. There are four main metals that you can choose from, and all are perfect for the IRA. Silver is the least expensive, and gold and palladium are the most expensive. All metals must meet stringent standards set forth by the IRS to be used for a gold or precious metals IRA. These are just some ideas for your retirement portfolio.