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Financial Terms beginning with D

D Mark
DB(k) Plan
DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average
Daily Average Revenue Trades (DARTs)
Daily Chart
Daily Cut Off
Daily Factor
Daily Money Manger DMM
Daily Trading Limit
Daisy Chain
Dalal Street
Dalal Street in downtown Mumbai, India is the address of the Bombay Stock Exchange and several related financial firms and institutions. When Bombay Stock Exchange was moved to this new location at the intersection of Bombay Samāchār Marg and Hammam Street, the street next to the building was renamed as Dalal Street. The Marathi word ' means "a broker", "a go-between". Similar to Wall Street in the New York City, it is often used as a metonym for the entire Indian financial establishment.
Dalian Commodities Exchange
Dangerous Asset
Dangling Debit
Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman is an Israeli-American psychologist notable for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making, as well as behavioral economics, for which he was awarded the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. His empirical findings challenge the assumption of human rationality prevailing in modern economic theory.
Daniel L. McFadden
Daniel Little McFadden is an American econometrician who shared the 2000 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with James Heckman. McFadden's share of the prize was "for his development of theory and methods for analyzing discrete choice". He is the Presidential Professor of Health Economics at the University of Southern California and Professor of the Graduate School at University of California, Berkeley.
Daniel P. Amos
Daniel Paul "Dan" Amos is an American business executive. He serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of Aflac and Aflac Incorporated.
Dark Cloud Cover
Dark Pool Liquidity
Darvas Box Theory
Dash To Trash
Data Mining
Data mining is the process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems.
Data Smoothing
Data Warehousing
In computing, a data warehouse, also known as an enterprise data warehouse, is a system used for reporting and data analysis, and is considered a core component of business intelligence. DWs are central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources. They store current and historical data in one single place that are used for creating analytical reports for workers throughout the enterprise.
Date Certain
Date certain is a legal term for the date on or by which the actions of a contract can be reasonably completed, and is considered to be legally binding.
Dated Date
David Dreman
David Dreman is an investor, who founded and is Chairman of Dreman Value Management, an investment company.
David F. D'Alessandro
David F. D'Alessandro is a former Fortune 200 Chief Executive Officer and the author of three best-selling business books. While rising through the ranks and serving as chairman and CEO of John Hancock Financial Services, he guided the company through a period of diversification, growth, and transformation from a private mutual company to a major public corporation.
David Hasselhoff Index
David M. Cote
David M. "Dave" Cote is an American businessman. Cote previously worked for General Electric and TRW Inc. before he was appointed chairman and chief executive officer of Honeywell in 2002, following their acquisition by AlliedSignal. Cote also sat on the JP Morgan Chase risk committee during the period in which the firm lost $6 billion trading credit derivatives. Cote stepped down as CEO at Honeywell at the end of March 2017 and was succeeded by Darius Adamczyk.
David Ricardo
David Ricardo was a British political economist, one of the most influential of the classical economists along with Thomas Malthus, Adam Smith and James Mill.
David W. Dorman
David W. Dorman is an American Telecommunications executive and founding partner of Centerview Capital Technology Partners. Dorman is currently Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of CVS Health Corporation and serves on the boards of PayPal Holdings, Inc., Yum! Brands, Inc. and the Georgia Tech Foundation. Dorman was a board member of Motorola, Inc. since 2006, was elected Non-Executive Chairman of the Board in 2008 and retired from his board position in May 2015. Dorman also was a board member of Scientific Atlanta until the company was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2006.
Dawn Raid
A police raid is a visit by police or other law enforcement officers often in the early morning or late at night, with the aim of using the element of surprise to arrest suspects believed to be likely to hide evidence, resist arrest, be politically sensitive, or simply be elsewhere during the day.
Day Around Order
Day Count Convention
Day Cycle
Day Loan
Day Order
Day Rate
Day Trader
A day trader is a trader who adheres to a trading style called day trading. This involves buying and subsequently selling financial instruments within the same trading day, such that all positions will usually be closed before the market close of the trading day. Depending on one's trading strategy, trades may range from several to hundreds of orders a day.
Daylight Overdraft
In the United States, the daylight overdraft is a system in which "allows qualifying banks to overdraw on their Federal Reserve accounts in order to make payments via Fedwire. Banks can acquire overdrafts throughout the day to make payments, but must ensure that their accounts are not in a negative position at the end of the day."
Dayrate Volatility
Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
Days Sales Of Inventory (DSI)
Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
Days To Cover
Days Working Capital
De Escalation Clause
De Jure Corporation
De facto corporation and corporation by estoppel are both terms that are used by courts in most common law jurisdictions to describe circumstances in which a business organization that has failed to become a de jure corporation will nonetheless be treated as a corporation, thereby shielding shareholders from liability.
De Merger
De Minimis Tax Rule
De hedge
Dead Cat Bounce
Dead Cat Bounce is an Irish comedy band made up of Demian Fox, Shane O'Brien and James Walmsley. Based in Dublin, but touring all over the world, the group perform all-original comedy songs in variety of musical styles.
Dead Hand Provision
Dead Money
Dead Presidents
Deadweight Loss Of Taxation
In economics, the excess burden of taxation, also known as the deadweight cost or deadweight loss of taxation, is one of the economic losses that society suffers as the result of taxes or subsidies. Economic theory posits that distortions change the amount and type of economic behavior from that which would occur in a free market without the tax. Excess burdens can be measured using the average cost of funds or the marginal cost of funds. Excess burdens were first discussed by Adam Smith.
Deadweight Loss
A deadweight loss, also known as excess burden or allocative inefficiency, is a loss of economic efficiency that can occur when equilibrium for a good or a service is not achieved. That can be caused by monopoly pricing in the case of artificial scarcity, an externality, a tax or subsidy, or a binding price ceiling or price floor such as a minimum wage.
Deal Blotter
Deal Breaker
Deal Breaker is a 1995 thriller novel by Harlan Coben and is the first of the novels which feature Myron Bolitar.
Deal Flow
Deal flow is a term used by finance professionals such as venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity investors and investment bankers to refer to the rate at which they receive business proposals/investment offers. The term is also used not as a measure of rate, but simply to refer to the stream of offers or opportunities as a collective whole. An organization's deal flow is considered "good" if it results in enough revenue- or equity-generating opportunities to keep the organization functioning at peak capacity.
Deal Slip
Deal Ticket
Dealer Bank
Dealer Financing
Dealer Incentive
Dealer Market
Dealer Median Prepayment Speed
Dealer Option
Dealing Desk
Dean Analytic Schedule
Dear Money
Death Benefit
Death Cross
Debt Consolidation
Debt consolidation is a form of debt refinancing that entails taking out one loan to pay off many others. This commonly refers to a personal finance process of individuals addressing high consumer debt but occasionally refers to a country's fiscal approach to corporate debt or Government debt. The process can secure a lower overall interest rate to the entire debt load and provide the convenience of servicing only one loan.
Debt Equity Ratio (Under Review)
Debt to Equity Ratio
The debt-to-equity ratio is a financial ratio indicating the relative proportion of shareholders' equity and debt used to finance a company's assets. Closely related to leveraging, the ratio is also known as risk, gearing or leverage. The two components are often taken from the firm's balance sheet or statement of financial position, but the ratio may also be calculated using market values for both, if the company's debt and equity are publicly traded, or using a combination of book value for debt and market value for equity financially.
Debt to Income Ratio
A debt income ratio is the percentage of a consumer's monthly gross income that goes toward paying debts. There are two main kinds of DTI, as discussed below.
Defined Benefit Pension Plan
Defined Contribution Plan
In accountancy, depreciation refers to two aspects of the same concept...
Discounted Cash Flow
In finance, discounted cash flow analysis is a method of valuing a project, company, or asset using the concepts of the time value of money. All future cash flows are estimated and discounted by using cost of capital to give their present values. The sum of all future cash flows, both incoming and outgoing, is the net present value, which is taken as the value of the cash flows in question.
Dividend Yield (Under Review)
Dividend Yields
Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
Dollar Cost Averaging
Dollar cost averaging is an investment strategy with the goal of reducing the impact of volatility on large purchases of financial assets such as equities. Dollar cost averaging is also called the constant dollar plan, pound-cost averaging, and, irrespective of currency, as unit cost averaging or the cost average effect.
Donor Advised Fund
In the United States, a donor-advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity created to manage charitable donations on behalf of organizations, families, or individuals. To participate in a donor-advised fund, a donating individual or organization opens an account in the fund and deposits cash, securities, or other financial instruments. They surrender ownership of anything they put in the fund, but retain advisory privileges over how their account is invested, and how it distributes money to charities.
Due Diligence
Due diligence is an investigation of a business or person prior to signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care.