Deal Breaker


Deal Breaker is a 1995 thriller novel by Harlan Coben and is the first of the novels which feature Myron Bolitar.

Deal Breaker

What is ‘Deal Breaker’

An issue that, if left unresolved, prompts one party to discontinue discussions. A deal breaker may involve the presence of a particular requirement in a contract, or the lack of a certain provision.

Explaining ‘Deal Breaker’

For negotiations that are non-iterative, meaning that there is no further interaction once terms are satisfied, the parties involved can be unwilling to budge over certain issues because they know that this is their only chance at getting what they want. The presence of a deal breaker, however, helps both parties in a negotiation know how to maneuver and help determine each other’s pain points.

For example, a company attempting to merge with a competitor may discover that the competitor will only let the merger proceed if a certain number of its employees are kept on board with the new venture. This may be a deal breaker for the acquiring company.

Deal Breaker FAQ

What is the opposite of a deal breaker?

The opposite of a deal breaker would be a ‘deal-maker’ or alternately a clincher. Aug 19, 2019

What is a deal breaker in dating?

Deal breaker when seeing someone are the things that will make you give up — regardless of how long you’ve been together. Some regular major issues remember an accomplice’s position for having kids, an absence of duty with cash, or an absence of desire. Nov 4, 2019

Does being late to an interview a deal breaker?

If the business you’re meeting for requires time the heads capacities or booking and going to get-togethers, showing up late could more then likely be a significant issue. Notwithstanding, enlisting directors state what happens next could depend upon how well the contender handles the condition. Jun 9, 2016

What does the phrase deal breaker mean?

deal breaker (plural deal breakers) (idiomatic) An issue which causes a relationship (especially in business) to fail.

Is being late for an interview a deal breaker?

In the event that the employment you’re meeting for requires time the executives abilities or booking and going to gatherings, appearing late could in all likelihood be a major issue. However, recruiting administrators state what occurs next could rely upon how well the competitor handles the circumstance. Jun 9, 2016

What is another word for deal breaker?

Other words for a ‘deal breaker’ is: bone of contention, sticking point, deadlock, hindrance, impasse, impediment, obstacle, obstructions

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