Best Ethereum Casinos – All Information & Details

Ethereum is quickly taking over the cryptocurrency world as one of the most interesting, stable and promising cryptos currently available. It is hardly surprising then that Ethereum is also taking over the world of online casinos.

There are now dozens of online casinos which are specifically dedicated to gambling with Ethereum, and even more which include Ethereum as one of many crypto payment options. Choosing the right Ethereum casino can seem like a daunting task, but we will break down everything you need to know to choose the right casino.

What is an Ethereum casino?

Ethereum casinos are just like any other online casino in that they offer all the classic game genres and types, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and others. There are also slot machine and live casino game titles available as well.

However, the difference is that gamblers who use an Ethereum casino as found on sites such as, will deposit and withdraw in the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

How do Ethereum casinos work?

In order to get started at an Ethereum casino, gamblers need to take a few important steps. The first is to register with a crypto exchange and open an Ethereum wallet, as this is the easiest way to begin collecting Ethereum which you can then gamble.

Users will then need to buy Ethereum on an online exchange, which will then be transferred to their Ethereum wallet. When users log into their Ethereum casino of choice, they can now transfer Ethereum to their online accounts.

While this may seem like a lengthy and difficult process, it is really very similar to adding money into your PayPal account for safer online shopping. It may be difficult at first, but quickly becomes second nature.

Are Ethereum casinos safe?

Not all Ethereum casinos are the same and there are some ETH casinos which are not safe for users – just like all other types of online casinos. That being said, you can protect yourself by doing a little bit of important due diligence before you start playing.

Before you register with a new Ethereum casino, first check to make sure that the casino is licensed in at least one jurisdiction. You should also read the terms and conditions for deposits and withdrawals and check out reviews for the platform. 

How to play at an Ethereum casino?

Playing at an Ethereum casino is very similar to playing at any other online casino. Users need to register an account with the platform by inputting their personal information and will need to make a minimum deposit in order to play the available games.

Most users will also want to take advantage of any Welcome Bonus offers or registration promotions which the platform is offering. Oftentimes, these bonuses are automatically granted upon the first deposit or can be collected when a promotional code is entered.

Users can then get started and play the games that they like. As with any other gambling experience, users should practice responsible gambling techniques, including setting budgets for both time and money for gambling, and staying within those budgets at all times.

The 10 best Ethereum casinos list 2022

The Ethereum casino industry is constantly growing and changing, so it is difficult to list the top 10 best ETH casinos for 2022. That being said, there are a few which have certainly risen to the top. These include:

  1. BC.Game Casino
  2. Stake Casino
  3. True Flip Casino
  4. Wildcoins Casino
  5. JustBit Casino
  6. Casino
  7. CloudBet Casino
  8. King Billy Casino
  9. Bitstarz Casino
  10. Rocketpot Casino

Benefits of Ethereum casinos

A number of the benefits of gambling with Ethereum are the same as gambling with any other cryptocurrency – namely the privacy and security which crypto offers its users. However, there are also several benefits which are unique to ETH casinos.

One of these benefits is that Ethereum is protected with its own blockchain technology and fully encrypted – this affords better protection than many other cryptos currently listed on exchanges. On top of that, Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptos available and this lends some important and much needed stability to the currency.

Additionally, Ethereum casinos tend to have better bonuses and integrated crypto, and traditional online casinos often have special promotions and bonus offers specifically reserved for people who are gambling with crypto.

Finally, some people just love crypto and find it an incredibly exciting, innovative and future-forward way of thinking about the economy, investment and how we spend our money. At the end of the day, every person has their own unique reasons for choosing to gamble with crypto.