5 Ways to Use Stasis in Destiny 2

Bait aggressive opponents

The ability to stop opponents dead in their tracks is one of the most powerful advantages of employing Stasis. When a Vex Minotaur or Hive Knight pursues you in PvE, this can be handy. To give yourself some breathing room, you can also freeze Vex Wyverns or other deadly opponents. Of course, PvP is when Stasis really reveals its teeth.

With Stasis, shotgun rushers and aggressive players can be halted in mid-slide. These players rely solely on their radar to determine their next move, so close the gap to light up their radar and force them to attack. When you’re close enough, get a clean view of the enemy and wait. They should push you with a shotgun in hand after a few seconds. Freeze them and you’ll get a free kill. Stasis is currently the most effective counter to Shotgun-aping in Destiny 2. Stasis can be used to compel Primary gunfights and control the pace of battle.

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Learn how to use glacier grenades

Glacier Grenades are the most flexible grenades ever seen in the Destiny franchise. A wall of Stasis crystals can be employed to create cover or shatter targets, but this grenade type’s utility extends well beyond that.

Throwing a Glacier Grenade under your feet gives your character a large amount of vertical velocity, which is especially useful for Behemoth Titans and Revenant Hunters. You can also use the Whisper of Shards Fragment to transform these crystals into grenade energy sources. Aim your Shatterdive or Cryoclasm slide towards the wall’s edge to keep one crystal alive so you can destroy it later for more grenade energy. Finally, you may employ these grenades to create horizontal platforms in PvP maps, which open up additional sightlines.

Use Exotics to enhance your abilities

Because of their synergy with Stasis, ability-enhancing Exotics have become much more powerful in Beyond Light. Hunters can utilize Fr0st-EE5 to get a 25 percent multiplicative benefit to their ability regeneration, which stacks with Whisper of Shards for eight-second grenade cooldowns. Titans can produce grenade and melee energy by sliding into their grenade with Heart of Inmost Light and Glacier Grenades. Monte Carlo and Traveler’s Chosen provide a lot of value to warlocks. When using Stasis, keep these Exotics in mind whether you’re focusing on PvE or PvP activities.

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Always be mobile

In Destiny 2, mobility is your most powerful weapon. In PvE, using leaps and strafing well might help you evade sniper fire and opponent projectiles. In PvP, being able to reposition rapidly is enough to confuse most opponents. Stasis takes this to a whole new level by allowing you to move around the battlefield in unique ways. Titans can toss themselves about the map with their melee, Hunters can dive to the ground at any time, and Warlocks can rocket themselves into the skybox using Glacier Grenades. When these tools are combined with good movement, you become nearly impossible to kill in both PvE and PvP.

Tips for each Stasis Class

For Shadebinder Warlocks, When you kill a frozen target, the Iceflare Bolts Aspect has a hidden perk that gives you 15% more grenade energy. Demolitionist and Wellspring stack with this effect. For nonstop grenades, combine this Aspect with Whisper of Shards.

For Revenant Hunters, Shatterdive as soon as you toss a Glacier Grenade to detonate it instantaneously. So long as you’re employing the Whisper of Shards Fragment, enemies won’t be able to respond quickly enough to escape the blast radius.

As a Behemoth Titan, Dunemarchers work well with this Subclass, increasing your sliding distance and allowing you to chain lightning to targets with Shivering Strike. This arc damage can shatter targets if an enemy is frozen.

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