5 Tips for Blockchain Newbies

Blockchain fever has taken over the world. The fact is that Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency that was aimed at decentralization and freedom of action. So this is why so many new blockchain projects use similar transaction and coin storage technology. As a result, the number of new digital projects has grown at a record over the past five years.

That is why many scammers have decided to make money on blockchain trends. But how can a beginner avoid problems at the start and not lose money? Here are five tips to help you survive in the blockchain world!

Delve Extensively Before Investing

It’s no secret that most people decided to join the new crypto trend solely to make money. Few enthusiasts believe that blockchain and digital currencies can change the world. Instead, most newbies decide to enter the crypto market because of the opportunity to get rich quickly. But the blockchain environment is very cruel, and ignorance of the basic principles can only lead to loss of money.

So this is why you should spend a few months learning the basic terminology and how cryptocurrencies work. In a way, you will be analyzing the blockchain environment in the same way that students choose reliable writing services on scamfighter.net. Analyze each term and watch at least a dozen video tutorials on YouTube to avoid common beginner mistakes.

Focus On the Long-Run

After you have studied all the basic aspects, you will probably want to invest money in any project or digital currency. Therefore, you should focus on the long run. The fact is that all cryptocurrencies are growing in value. However, some coins like Dogecoin are too volatile, as they can rise and fall by thousands of percent in just one day. So this is why you shouldn’t chase trends.

Stick to a classic investment strategy. All digital coins will grow in the coming years. You shouldn’t be looking for the best time to enter the market. Instead, invest in some trusted blockchain project and wait. Once you see sufficient growth, you can withdraw your assets and convert your coins to fiat currency.

Diversify Your Portfolio

And here is one more tip that is useful for beginners. You are most likely interested in the crypto industry because of one or more well-known projects. But should you invest exclusively in Bitcoin or some other digital token? It is best if you select at least five digital assets for your investment portfolio.

Your priority is risk diversification. First, you can offset the fall of any coin at the expense of the growth of others. Secondly, you can reduce losses if any of your investment projects turn out to be a scam. And don’t forget that you shouldn’t trust your money to online exchanges. Instead, store your coins in digital wallets that you can buy online.

Invest Only What You’re Willing to Lose

The most important rule of a blockchain investor is only to invest the money you don’t need in the next 3-5 years. In addition, you should not take loans to buy coins or tokens from any company. Finally, any investor should enter the crypto market using their surplus money and not their last savings. In this case, you will not experience the shock of losing your savings.

Do not forget that you deal with a digital market that is still practically not regulated by any state or financial commissions. All your investments are made at your own risk. You can make good money, or you can lose everything. So this is why you must always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. You should not perceive the crypto community as a place where everyone is happy and can count on untold wealth.

Avoid Scams

Common sense is the first thing you need when you decide to enter the blockchain market. Don’t forget that even students choose their writing services carefully before purchasing any paper. They use links like https://www.writingpapersucks.com/boostmygrades-com-review/ to find out all the company secrets. Any newbie blockchain should do the same. The digital industry has been growing rapidly for several years, and many scammers are almost indistinguishable from legit projects.

Analyze IPOs, read reviews and analyze the behavior of companies in the market. Don’t forget that even mastodons like Binance can turn out to be scam projects. Most crypto companies or websites do not need a license or any other paper to operate in the market. That is why you have no legal tools to influence fraudsters directly. In addition, many countries do not recognize Bitcoin and other coins as real currencies. So this means that even if you are deceived, you are unlikely to get justice in court.


Use these five share tips to avoid pitfalls and enter the crypto market successfully. Do not forget that common sense and a detailed analysis of each project will help you lose money. Don’t fall for the hype and only take deliberate steps. So this is the strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd.