5 Reasons Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Perfect For Engagement Rings

Beautiful shiny diamonds on black background

When a portion of light hits the diamond, it scatters and fractures throughout the stones, creating a sparkling illusion. For this reason, many women and even men have always loved diamonds. These beautiful stones are known to be a girl’s best friend, and for a good reason. Thanks to innovation and technological advancements, diamonds can now be created through the labs without mining them from the most profound volcanoes located in different countries.

A growing number of jewelers and diamond enthusiasts are discovering the numerous benefits of investing in lab grown diamonds. After all, they look practically identical to the mined ones and are priced way cheaper. The natural diamond processes are mimicked by the lab-grown diamonds, making them as durable and bright as the natural ones. If you’re on the fence about what engagement ring or gift ring to get your beloved half, it’s time to reconsider purchasing a lab-grown diamond instead.

Without further ado, here are some reasons why lab-grown diamonds make a perfect engagement ring:

  1. More Sustainable Choice

The sad reality is that human-induced activities can increase global warming. And, diamond mining is one crucial act that causes environmental damage. The mining of natural diamonds uses a lot of fossil fuels. The procedures can take a long time, accumulating the usage of many natural resources.

On the other side of the fence, synthetic diamonds don’t lead to such problems. Rather than mining diamonds, growing them is a much more sustainable choice considering the rising demand for diamonds and the decrease in the supply of mined diamonds.

Despite an outpacing supply of diamonds, demand for such dazzling stones continues to rise. Synthetic diamonds may be the answer to this problem. Diamonds grown in a lab consume less energy than ones dug up from the ground. Environmentalists will definitely approve of this alternative better than harming the environment further.

In addition, lab-produced diamonds don’t require soil to be removed, unlike the mining of real ones, which may possibly lead to landslides and soil erosion. If you don’t want to hurt the planet you live on, go for a sustainable diamond option instead.

  1. Transparent Acquisition And Composition

Most diamond connoisseurs prefer to know how their stone was discovered and acquired. As most naturally mined diamonds come from conflicted regions, their origins are usually unclear. Some might have led to processes that have become deadly or even illegal. Some diamonds may have been acquired by paying the price of many lives. These are usually stories coming from conflicted countries.

You’ll know how your diamond ring was composed and created with lab diamonds. They have a clean history, come with records, and you can easily track their sources. Your loved one can wear this sparkling ring without feeling guilty or worried about its acquisition.

  1. High-Quality

Lab-grown diamonds are legit diamonds, indeed. For a fraction of the price, you can now own diamonds. They can be added to your hard assets, considering their high quality. Diamonds are graded according to the traditional system. Much like the traditionally mined stones, they’re also graded through carats, clarity, color, and cut. When choosing the best diamond ring for your partner, you can consider these 4 C’s.

Cut refers to the quality and precision of a diamond cut, polished from its raw form. Color refers to the lack of color within a diamond. Diamonds with perfect structural and chemical purity have no colors. However, the grading of colored diamonds differs in every way.

A diamond’s clarity is measured by how many blemishes or inclusions can be seen with the naked eye or under a microscope. The clarity of a diamond is lower if there are more imperfections present, which eventually impacts its price. Finally, the carat is the diamond cut’s weight or size. Diamonds are measured by their carat weight when they’re expertly cut.

  1. Available In Different Colors

If you’d like to have colored diamonds, this can be possible with lab-grown diamonds. Naturally-mined diamonds, which come in different colors, are very rare and hard to find, which explains why they’re typically priced higher than the clear or white ones. Nevertheless, colored diamonds only take up 1% of the entire diamond market, increasing their value. Thankfully, you can purchase colored diamonds made in the lab.

Now, everyone can enjoy the rare beauty of colored gems. When diamonds are being grown, trace elements are added to create varying hues. Nitrogen, for instance, creates orange diamonds, while boron, for example, creates purple diamonds. These produce the perfect colors of diamonds that you’ve always wanted.

  1. Versatile Purposes

Although it’s pretty conventional to think that diamonds are only for engagement rings, many people are now wearing them for various purposes. Many men gift their partners diamonds on many occasions, not just during the engagement. Diamonds are one of the perfect gift ideas for the important women in your life. And, with lab-grown diamond options, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.


When you finally become aware of the many benefits of lab-grown diamonds, you can be more open-minded in choosing the conventionally mined ones. They’re high-quality, but come at a lower price. You can also choose from several color options, and they’re great gift ideas for anyone you love.