5 Must-Have Features of a Fleet Management System

As every business owner knows, having an efficient and effective fleet management system is essential to the smooth running of logistics operations. If your fleet is out of action or leaking money, the whole company will suffer and your books will soon reflect the inefficiencies that are causing problems. From better route planning to more economical fuel management, any good system will provide benefits. The following are five must-have features of a fleet management system.

Route Planning

Are you certain your fleet is taking the optimal routes to make their deliveries? If you don’t have a route planning system in place, then it is likely that they are not. These systems will provide your fleet with the fastest route while also taking into account potential problems. This will improve your customer experience as all goods will be delivered on time. It will also enhance the reputation of your company and your customers will soon realize that you’re someone they can rely on. If you want to streamline workflows and allow your company to grow its reputation, you can review a guide on how to choose the best fleet management software. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Installing GPS on your fleet is an essential piece of technology to keep your fleet moving efficiently. Using GPS will give you access to your driver’s location at all times, allowing you to see how your drivers are performing and if there are any improvements that can be made in their management of the vehicle. It has the added benefit of improved customer service, as you are able to give customers a more accurate time of delivery.  

Driver Behavior Analysis

Understanding and being aware of how your drivers are behaving when they are working is key to avoiding accidents and increasing efficiency. You will be able to analyze if your drivers are speeding or regularly breaking harshly, giving you documented evidence of bad habits that can then be addressed through training. Better driving will also lead to less fuel consumption, saving your company money. 

Dash Cam

Having a camera on board all of your vehicles provide the security of having readily available evidence should any of your fleet be involved in accidents. Footage is directly uploaded to a cloud server, keeping it secure and making it readily available. Aside from providing you with peace of mind, dash cameras are an excellent way to provide training. They can be used to show new employees good driving habits, while also being able to point out fewer desirable ones. Your fleet manager does not have to be in the cab with the driver at all times during training, either. This frees them up to be able to work on multiple tasks and will improve efficiency.

Fuel Management

The mismanagement of fuel is a sure-fire way for your company to leak money both metaphorically and in reality. Attempting to keep track of how much fuel you are using without an effective fuel management system will be impossible. Through using the system, you will be able to keep an eye on how much fuel is being used and you will be made aware if any theft has taken place or if there are any leaks.