Why Your Banking App Might Be Suddenly Closing And What You Can Do About It

Banking App Might Be Suddenly Closing

In recent times, we rely heavily on our smartphones to monitor our financial transactions on-the-go. In fact, the convenience of the banking app has made it possible for us to complete complex financial transactions from the comfort of our homes.

It is, however, quite frustrating when your banking app closes down without giving any notice. From a system upgrade to an app malfunction, there are several reasons why your banking app suddenly closes. In this post, we will take a look at some of the reasons why your banking app might be suddenly closing and what you can do to fix the issue.

Slow Network Connection

One of the reasons why your banking app might be suddenly closing is a slow network connection. Banking apps rely heavily on network connection to send and receive data quickly.

Unfortunately, if your network connection is slow, your banking app might struggle to connect to the server or to update the backend database.

A slow network connection can also compromise the security of your transaction. To fix this issue, ensure that you are using a stable and high-speed internet connection when using your banking app.

App Updates

Your banking app might get sudden updates or patches that might require you to learn how to go about them or even update the app if required. Most of these updates are done to fix existing bugs or patch potential security leaks.

You might, however, encounter some issues if you decide to ignore the update, and your app will simply close down. Therefore, to fix this issue, ensure that you update your app on time as recommended.

App Malfunctions

Apps are subject to malfunction, so it’s not unusual for your banking app to behave awkwardly or even suddenly close. These malfunctions may be due to bugs in the app code, incorrect user input or even an issue with the app’s design.

If you experience such issues, the best course of action would be to uninstall the banking app and re-install a fresh copy. The new installation will reconfigure the files to ensure that the app runs properly.

Device Memory Limitations

One of the reasons why banking apps might suddenly close is that your device might have run out of memory space. When your device runs out of memory space, the app might not have enough virtual memory to run properly and may just close itself down. Therefore, you might want to check the available memory space on your device and try to remove any unwanted files, apps or temporary files that might be taking up storage space.


Lastly, the banking app might have been suddenly closing due to a cyber-attack. Hackers and cybercriminals might continue to develop new tools and tricks to steal sensitive user data within the banking app. In such cases, it is recommended that you contact your financial institution immediately to resolve the issue and to get your account secured.


Your banking app might be suddenly closing due to various reasons that we’ve discussed in this post. It’s critical to overview these reasons to ensure that you experience seamless online banking experience. In summary, always ensure that you have a stable and high-speed internet connection when using your banking app, regularly update your app with the latest security patches, clear available memory on your device, properly use the app, overlook any bugs or errors and contact your financial institution should you have any concerns.