Why is my Put Option Losing Money?

Why is my Put Option Losing Money?

If you’re like most investors, you’re always looking for ways to make money on your investments. One way to do this is by buying put options. However, even with the best-laid plans, there are times when put options lose money. Here are five reasons why this may be happening.

1. The Stock Price Is Rising

One of the most common reasons why a put option may lose money is because the stock price is rising. If the stock price increases enough, it will eventually surpass the strike price and the option will expire worthless.

2. Time Decay

Another reason why your put option may be losing money is due to time decay. Time decay is the gradual loss of an option’s value as it approaches its expiration date. This is due to the fact that there are fewer days remaining until expiration and there is less time for the underlying stock to move in the desired direction.

3. Volatility Is Decreasing

Options are sensitive to changes in volatility. A decrease in volatility will typically cause the premium of an option to decline as well. This decline will cause a loss if you’re holding a put option when volatility decreases.

4. You Paid Too Much for The Option

One mistake that many investors make is paying too much for their options. It’s important to remember that options are a wasting asset and their value declines over time. As such, you shouldn’t pay more than necessary for an option premium.

5. You Failed to Set a Limit on Your Losses

When investing in any type of security, it’s important to set a limit on your losses before entering into a trade. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you’re willing to lose and can exit the trade if things don’t go as planned.


There are a number of reasons why your put option may be losing money but, by understanding these factors, you can adjust your strategy accordingly and improve your chances of success in the future. Just remember to set limits on your losses, buy options at a reasonable price, and always monitor changes in volatility levels. By following these tips, you can minimize losses and maximize profits on your next put option trade!