What is game gold, how can you buy it from other players and services without the risk of getting banned and improve your gaming experience in World of Warcraft

If we consider the World of Warcraft, first, not as a project about battles and character development, finding friends and allies, fighting enemies and adapting the best and worst qualities of players using the example of the popular universe, then the economy and game gold play the most important role – as a means of performing operations between players, buying and selling useful equipment and simply paying for services from other participants in the life of the server.

What is World of Warcraft game gold

Gold is the main currency in WoW and has the highest value, as it allows you to buy literally everything that can be found or mined on the servers of Azeroth. The only question is the amount of gold that the player has in his hands.

How to earn game gold in WoW

In total, there are several earning options available to the player:

Quests – You receive tasks, fulfill the conditions and return to the NPC for a reward. Some quests carry over from one quest to another and often have more gold rewards.

Farming monsters – You just come to the game location that suits your level and start killing monsters for gold and drops of materials and valuable items, if you’re lucky.

Crafting items and collecting materials – in World of Warcraft there are professions that are divided into two types – gathering and creating. Gathering will allow you to earn gold by selling valuable materials to artisans, or prepare for crafting by accumulating resources. Crafting Professions are needed to produce useful gear, weapons, and consumables, and allow you to earn gold by selling anything that doesn’t help your hero.

Why do many players prefer to buy game gold

All of these mechanics require a lot of time and effort to accumulate decent capital. Some players agree to the rules of the game, while others want to get everything at once and learn game mechanics on a character with the best equipment for his level.

A player may need a one-time gold boost to buy an interesting lot, and in order not to borrow from friends, many simply buy gold from a trusted service.

Risk when buying in-game gold

The purchase of game gold itself is prohibited on the World of Warcraft servers and may result in the blocking of the character or the entire account if you do not follow the precautions.

The big risk is borne by those players who are willing to buy gold from casual gamers, risking their finances and the safety of the character.

The danger is not only that the administration will track the transaction if the seller is not careful, but also the quality of the gold itself – it can be stolen or mined with the help of third-party programs and the risk of seizing such gold from the player is very high, naturally without a refund.

Where to buy gold

Gold with a guarantee is provided by services such as Skycoach. They specialize not only in game gold, but also in the provision of many other services, such as boosting, coaching, raid carry and are not limited to only WoW.

The service give option to buy a gold, guarantees the security and anonymity of the transaction, uses only proven gold, and returns the money in case of disputes.

How does a gold deal work?

You go to the Skycoach website, select the game and the section of interest – gold.

Specify the server and the amount, pay for the order and wait for a connection with the manager – usually this is no more than two minutes. If your server is not in the list – write immediately on the site and Skycoach will try to resolve your request.

After agreeing on the time and place of delivery, you just have to receive your order.

It could be in-game mail, hand-to-hand, or an auction system.

The most reliable – auction. You create a lot agreed with the manager and Skycoach buys it. The administration has no formal reason to find fault with the amounts of transactions and lots.

It is no less safe from hand to hand, but it will require the transfer of any items of low value in return so that the exchange is not one-sided, and then the player will not risk anything.

The delivery of gold to the game mail is less reliable, but Skycoach is confident in its actions and is ready to ensure all the standards of security and anonymity and intervene if the player has problems with the game administration.

General conclusions on the purchase of game gold

By itself, the procedure for buying game gold is not legal, but when working with professional services, and not little-known players, the risk is minimized.

Gold is delivered in three ways, where the safest is an auction through the purchase of a lot, or from hand to hand with the transfer of materials in response, you can also use the postal service, but this is a less secure option.

Do not buy game gold from little-known players – they could farm it with a bot program, or steal it, and then within a few days the administration can simply withdraw the gold without explaining the reasons, and no one will return the real money to you.

A ban is issued only if the administration has categorical facts of violating the game rules and buying gold for real money.

The decision can always be challenged with technical support, but when cooperating with random players, your situation will be more difficult. Services like Skycoach will tell you how to get out of this situation and compensate for all the inconvenience.