What Are Poured Silver Bars? A Quick Overview

Silver is one of the best commodities to add to your investment portfolio during times of economic downturn. This precious metal has risen 50 percent in value in the US since 1915.

It’s an effective option to protect your earnings against inflation. You can balance your investment portfolio with precious metal assets.

One of the best silver options to consider when planning an investment is poured silver bars. These silver bullion bars might look the same as cast silver bars, but they have many differences to note when saving to invest.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right spot to learn the differences between poured and pressed silver bars. Continue reading to grow your knowledge and plan your next silver investment today!

What Are Poured Silver Bars?

Hand-poured silver bars are produced by pouring molten silver into a mold. Most molds produce one piece of silver with the back of the silver bar open to the air. The process involves pouring and allowing the silver to cool before cleaning it.

Poured silver bars are far more unique than cast ones, providing a hand-made feel and look. You’ll see pour lines and ripples on your silver bullion bars when poured rather than cast. The production process also causes bubbles and subtle fluctuations on the silver bar’s surface.

Other characteristics you’ll notice after purchasing poured silver bars are soft edges and a duller appearance compared to pressed silver bars. You can count on each silver bar you purchase being unique when you opt for hand-poured bars for your Gold and silver investment.

Why Are Poured Silver Bars More Valuable?

Poured silver bars are more valuable than cast or pressed bars because they’re more labor-intensive. The process is also more expensive for the manufacturers, resulting in higher prices and value. Scarcity is another reason behind the inherent value of poured silver bars.

They’re growing rarer as other methods have gained prominence. As they become more difficult to find, the value of poured silver bars rises.

Consider poured silver bars one of the best precious metal investments for your portfolio. They’ll continue gaining value as time passes and more cast silver bars hit the market. Some hand-poured silver bars have twice the value of their pressed alternatives.

The dull color, softer edges, and range of imperfections make poured silver bars stand out more to investors. This aesthetic stands out and makes investing in silver bullion bars easier. Take advantage of an opportunity to add poured silver bars to your investment portfolio.

Make Your First Silver Investment Today

Investing in poured silver bars is a wise move for the future, as they’re growing scarce and increasing in value. They stand out from pressed silver bars for their rounded edges and range of imperfections.

The manufacturing process is labor-intensive, resulting in higher cost and value. Silver bullion bars are also an excellent way to augment wealth and hedge against inflation. Adding hand-poured silver to your portfolio is one of the best investments you can make.

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