Watch List

What is the ‘Watchlist’

1. A list of securities being monitored closely by a brokerage or exchange in order to spot irregularities. Firms on the watchlist might be suspected of regulatory violations, about to issue new securities, attracting usually heavy volume, etc.
2. A list of securities being monitored for potential trading or investing opportunities. An investor or trader may have a watchlist of several, dozens or even hundreds of trading instruments. The investor waits for certain criteria to be met–such as trading over a certain volume, breaking out of a 52-week range or moving above its 200-day moving average–before placing trade orders.

Explaining ‘Watchlist’

1. A watchlist is a used to specify companies where irregularities are present, or where the potential for insider trading or other corruption exists. The watchlist can be considered a surveillance tool used to identify risks from customers, consultants, suppliers and other business partners.

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