Wachovia Hybrid and Preferred Securities (WHPPSM) Indicies

What is ‘Wachovia Hybrid and Preferred Securities (WHPPSM) Indicies’

Market capitalization weighted indicies designed by Wachovia to measure the performance of the U.S. preferred shares in addition to five other specialized indecies. The Wachovia Hybrid and Preferred Securities (WHPS) Aggregate Index consist of preferred securities representing in excess of $100 billion in total market value. The specialized indexes are sub-groups to the main index.

Explaining ‘Wachovia Hybrid and Preferred Securities (WHPPSM) Indicies’

The aggregate index is composed of five specialized indexes including WHPS Non-REIT Index, WHPS REIT Index, WHPS investment-grade REIT Index, WHPS below-investment-grade REIT Index, and WHPS equity REIT Index.

Wachovia Hybrid And Preferred Securities (whppsm) Indicies FAQ

What is the best preferred stock ETF?

Best Preferred Stock ETFs of this Year: Best Overall Fund: Innovator ETFS Trust II (EPRF) Best Fund for Low Expenses: Global X US Preferred ETF (PFFD) Best International Fund: iShares International Preferred Stock ETF (IPFF) Best Fund for Yield: Global X SuperIncome Preferred ETF (SPFF)

Are preferred stock ETFs a good investment?

Investors can use preferred stock ETFs wisely to diversify a portfolio designed for income. The combination of high dividends and lower market risk compared to common stock can attract conservative investors.

Why would you buy preferred stock?

Most shareholders want preferred stocks because they offer more consistent dividends than common shares and higher payments than bonds. However, the company can defer these dividend payments if it falls into a period of tight cash flow or other financial hardship.

Where can I find preferred stock information?

QuantumOnline.com is the best source to find completely unbiased information on preferred stocks and other exchange-traded income investments.

Is preferred stock a good investment?

A preferred stock investment on your portfolio will get you higher and more consistent dividends. It tends to pay a higher dividend rate than the bond market and common stocks, but falls in the middle in terms of risk, Gerrety said.

Does Vanguard have a preferred stock mutual fund?

Mutual funds PowerShares Financial Preferred Portfolio invests only in securities paying qualified dividends. The open-end Vanguard Preferred Stock Fund, advised by Wellington Management Company, existed from 1975 until its liquidation in 2001.

What is the downside of preferred stock?

They include limited upside potential, interest rate sensitivity, lack of dividend growth, dividend income risk, principal risk and lack of voting rights for shareholders.

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