Top 7 casino comps that few people know about

Administrators of gambling establishments have a clear idea of ​​which category of gamblers is the main source of funds for the casino. Such visitors to gambling houses are targeted in order to provide them with special conditions for gambling. We are talking about free refreshments, alcohol at the expense of the institution, moving in prestigious cars, pleasant leisure for gambler’s family members, etc.or in other words about casino comps.

It goes so far that active gamblers who make big bets are provided with free flights and rooms in luxury hotels. Often, the most profitable clients work with personal casino managers who do everything to make a profitable gambler feel comfortable and, as a result, constantly visit a gambling establishment.

Of course, it is difficult to impersonate someone who you are not. Modern methods allow the administration of a gambling establishment to track the bets, winnings and losses of customers and thus identify the most attractive persons for them. But even if you are not a VIP player, you can look forward to a whole host of casino gifts.

You don’t need to be a good player to get a game bonus. Almost any player can get free accommodation, food, entertainment and casino travel for little money, common sense and lots of skill.

The first step to claiming a free bonus is to learn how the casino works.

We’ve added a complete list of secret games that allow you to get free casino comps in Atlantic City, Las Vegas or anywhere in the world.

7. The casino builds its bonus on games

The first thing you need to understand is that the casino wins depend on the number of bets. This applies to whether you are playing board games or slots. The basic formula by which I measure my performance is:

Inflammation in hours X Average bet size = number of bets per hour

Here is an example:

They play slot machines. Play for $ 3 per round and shoot 600 shots per hour. This means prices are based on $ 1,800 per hour. (Below is the casino with the casino card.)

Here is another example:

Playing blackjack. You play for $ 10-100 per hand, but the dealer qualifies as a $ 10 player. You have an average of 70 hands per hour. The casino offers a $ 700 per dollar bonus. For example, if you play an average of $ 50 / hand, you will receive a bonus of $ 3,500 per hour.

“Action” in this context means risk spreading.

I want to mention a few points:

First, prizes are not awarded on losses. Depending on how long it takes. The casino relies on net profit in order not to lose money.

In fact, casinos know that the closer you play, the closer you are to the results.

Another note: video games are expensive and expensive every hour. Everything in this book is up to the last minute.

Board game vendors, on the other hand, price their stocks based on ratings. This point is important because it benefits you.

Companies are calculated as a percentage of total shares.

6. Board games can be more profitable if you want to play a lot

Unless you are a seasoned video poker player, be cheap at the table. I recommend Blackjack as Max Rubin suggests in «Comp City».

There are several reasons for this recommendation. First of all, the advantage of the casino over the slots is huge, at least 5%. The goal is to lose as much money as possible and get as many things as possible. You lose less money playing games with a low margin. If we talk about online slots, then you need to look at the RTP (Return To Player). If you just want to play for your own pleasure and not spend money, then a great option for you will be to play in free online slots no download or with no registration.

Another reason is that case staff appreciate your input during the meeting. If you are playing with $ 5 per hand, you can split $ 25 per hand into the first four or five after the split. Once the bosses take care of the rest, you can manually upgrade the game to $ 5.

How does this affect competition?

Suppose you play again 70 hands an hour. If the casino recognizes you as a $ 25 per player, let’s say you are investing $ 1,750 per hour. This activity pays off.

But he only invests $ 430 an hour. ($ 100 for the first four $ 25 bets and $ 5 manually on the remaining 66 bets per hour).

5. Don’t give up on money you can’t afford to lose

I repeat this tip on many blogs because it is extremely important. I’m glad I’m not the only author of the game, which I think is important. While researching the article, I came across an article by Jean Scott Versus. Queen of Compasses where she advises.

That is why it is so important:

Suppose you are playing blackjack and investing in a game of $ 430. This should give the casino a 1% advantage as it knows the basic strategy very well but is not very good. The estimated loss is $ 4.30 per hour.

You have extra money, maybe $ 100 to play, but you haven’t paid your rent yet.

The problem with gambling, including blackjack, is that anything can happen in a short amount of time. In blackjack, you can easily lose $ 100 per hour up to $ 5 per hand.

You may be tempted to spend money on hair to get it. After all, if you follow a basic strategy, you have a good chance of catching it, right?


This is an example of a player error. This is a mathematical concept that shows that players believe that past performance affects future performance.

However, while playing, each event is a separate event. With blackjack, this is less true than with other games, but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t count. The average will not return to the average until you have made thousands or tens of thousands of bets.

Meetings with anonymous players abound in poignant stories about people who, due to gambling, threaten to replace lost hair.

4. The casino relies on its payouts for fantastic daily losses

Remember how I explained to you that the casino monitors your activity and finds out how much you won in the tournament?

Take a look at the game you are playing and the estimated deposit amount – how much do you expect from each casino. It comes from the edge of the house.

This is good news for blackjack players as most players don’t know much about the basic strategy. The casino offers a 3% loss.

Combine that with your expectations of a tough experiment and convince the casino to rely more on your hands than it really is and be successful.

In the example above, the casino assumes that blackjack loses 3% of € 1,750 per hour at the table. The estimated loss is $ 52 per hour.

But since you only invest $ 340 an hour and only lose 1% of the amount, the actual loss eventually increases to $ 3.40.

Most casinos multiply their theoretical losses by up to 40% and win the game. If you expect to lose $ 52 an hour, you are losing $ 20.80 an hour.

The expected loss is much smaller.

Suddenly you are an attractive player and you don’t notice it.

You don’t even need to count the books here.

Casinos seem to make a lot of money and make a lot of money, but remember that the cost does not match yours.

The clearing house may still be empty so the casino won’t lose money if you pay this fee.

Most restaurants cost around a third of a meal, so a $ 21 casino restaurant only costs $ 7.

The same goes for fun. If the event is not empty, the entrance to the casino has no value.

3. Dress like you have money

Remember that it is important to persuade the casino to play more and lose more than it actually is.

One of the beginner’s mistakes is to wear a lot of light. If you wear torn jeans and a shirt when you’re not a rock star, the casino manager thinks you don’t have any money and is treated appropriately.

On the other hand, if you wear a dress or even pants and a jacket, you feel you have something to lose.

Computer science teachers’ thinking is different from that of bankers. Paper counters usually don’t want to get distracted.

Computer scientists, on the other hand, want to stand out and seem to waste a lot of money.

You don’t seem to be losing a lot of money.

2. Learn to work with people

Leaders and people in business are people now and interacting with them affects the benefits they receive.

What does it mean?

According to Mr. Thompson (the casino expert of web platform Slotsspot), this means that if you sit down and agree, be polite and polite to the chef. A smile and a chapter title are a good idea.

This is a tip for the salesperson and start a conversation.

It also means known loss reports, but not too serious. You want the trader and entrepreneur to believe that you are losing more money than you are. Show what you’re talking about.

If you win, you will be left behind. If you lose your hand, you have to correct it.

Poker players learn to display a certain image and read messages from other players. If you are not playing to your advantage, you are probably not interested in the blackjack dealer.

But you really need to worry about what the table looks like.

1. Some comps are easy to find

The easiest game to play is the free cocktail. Sober people like me don’t care, but drinking can make a big difference.

Until I drank and heard about casino drinks:

I found you ready if you feel well and give the waiter good advice the first time you drink, even if you drink later.

I also noticed that Heineken gets it for free in cents, at the same price as Budweiser. This game gives you the opportunity to get high-quality drinks at waiter prices.

However, there are limitations. You probably have Chivast as your crown, but the very expensive whiskey doesn’t have a gift yet.

Food is also easy to digest. A few years ago, we had an interesting interview at the Planet Hollywood poker room in Las Vegas. I wanted to collect all the Hoty dogs at Pinky Cafe, but I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been playing around with bigger bets.

I laughed a lot but never found a free sausage.

On the other hand, Limit Hold’em Excalibur was depressing.

Take note of these suggestions. These are casino secrets that anyone can use, even if they don’t want to know the basic blackjack strategy.


The secret of the games is no secret how you think. If you can count and spend your time in the reward system you can get all the great and free casino stuff. I suggest watching board games. 40% of the expected loss is better than 30% of the expected loss. In addition, slots offer low odds and every time you play a slot machine you cannot understand what risks you are taking. The book provides an accurate estimate of the game.